For days, President Donald Trump, the Republican National Committee and conservatives across the country have called for a fair and accurate account of every legal vote that was cast during the election. Instead of waiting for votes to finish being tallied in states like Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania, the mainstream media called the election for former Vice President Joe Biden. Because of that, the former veep did a victory lap on Saturday, thanking supporters for backing his candidacy.

Instead of wanting to get to the bottom of alleged voter fraud, Democrats have turned a blind eye to any and all allegations. Maybe they should take a trip down memory lane and remember what Al Gore said in 2000.

“This morning we have proposed to the court in Tallahassee a plan to have all the ballots recounted in seven days, starting tomorrow morning, and have the full court hearings fully completed one or two days after that,” Gore said at the time. “Let me repeat the essence of our proposal here today: seven days, starting tomorrow, for a full and accurate count of all the votes.”

“Once we have that full and accurate account of the ballots casted, then we will know who our next president is and our country can move forward,” he explained. “Unfortunately, about an hour ago, Gov. Bush’s lawyers rejected this proposal. Instead, they have proposed two additional weeks of court proceedings and additional hearings, right up until the December 12th deadline seating electors. And, under their plan, none of the thousands of votes remaining to be counted would be counted at all. I believe this is the time to count every vote and not to run out the clock.”

Every single American should want to get to the bottom of the ballot issues, whether it be tabulation errors that were caused by a software system, human error, or people downright voting illegally. Instead of rushing to judgment, we should remember that the Trump campaign has a legal right to challenge anything they believe is fishy.

Author: Beth Baumann

Source: Townhall: FLASHBACK: Al Gore’s Words Coming Back to Bite the Democrats

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