Countless Americans remain tense awaiting the results of the election, and several undoubtedly feel discouraged upon seeing “official” results in Google and other platforms, which proclaim that Biden has 264 electoral votes.

Since Nevada conveniently has 6 electoral votes and appears to be leaning towards Biden (thanks, Reno and Las Vegas, for that), most Democrats are salivating over the fact that Biden will likely take Nevada and be proclaimed the next President this week.

However, once again, inconvenient facts got in the way of the media narrative. Those facts include the fact that hundreds of thousands of ballots in largely conservative Arizona have yet to be counted. And of those 264 votes that Biden supposedly has, 11 of them are from Arizona.

Despite the Democrats’ most despicable shenanigans in recent memory, a data firm based in Phoenix, Data Orbital, has released highly encouraging information to Trump supporters. Data Orbital has examined the number of uncounted ballots in Arizona with a county-wide breakdown, noting that more than 250,000 ballots remain uncounted in Maricopa.

Even more encouragingly, Maricopa tends to be a Republican stronghold, enhancing Trump’s chances of ultimate victory in Arizona. According to the data firm, the Republican advantage is typically 20 percent.

“This breakdown is in line with what we are estimating and why we believe @realDonaldTrump will carry AZ. These ballots are heavily Republican and will break in his favor. We estimate about 500k outstanding ballots,” Data Orbital said on Twitter.

“The analysis on outstanding ballots mostly being from Maricopa and favoring Biden misses a huge factor: at least 250k of the remaining ballots have a Republican advantage of 20%. Unlike in other states, late earlies will favor Trump,” the data firm continued. [Source: The Daily Wire]

Even an MSNBC forecaster admitted that Maricopa represents a huge prize in Arizona, implying that the state could easily shift after all the ballots are counted.

“What you just saw was the vote total in Maricopa County, Arizona, just updated,” Kornacki said. “To explain what’s going on here. Maricopa County is about two-thirds of Arizona in terms of population. So, this is the motherload when you’re talking about votes in Arizona.”

“We have basically the third batch of votes, the third and final batch of votes that they’re going to work through … we called these the ‘late early votes,’” he said. “They were mail ballots, absentee ballots, that came in sort of after this past weekend or were brought in on election day.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Trump does not just have a long shot, but a real shot of winning Arizona, which would eliminate Biden’s “victory” by recalling 11 electoral votes that should have never been called for Biden in the first place.

In fact, FOX News, in a highly surprising (and deeply disappointing) move decided to call Arizona for Biden on Tuesday evening, despite an enormous number of votes being left to count. What’s even more disturbing is that sinister publications, such as The New York Times, have not even made this call officially.

At this point in time, it is extremely unclear why FOX News chose to make such a controversial, and inaccurate, call. However, it is also extremely clear what FOX News should be doing at this time, which would be issuing a major league retraction until all the ballots have been counted.

FiveThirtyEight election forecaster Nate Silverman called out media outlets for their assumption that Biden would take Arizona, particularly in light of the report released by data orbital. He also crisply informed these outlets that it was not exactly their position to make calls on anything, especially when the full results are not yet known.

“I don’t know, I guess I’d say that Biden will win Arizona if you forced me to pick, but I sure as heck don’t think the state should have been called by anyone, and I think the calls that were previously made should be retracted now.”
[Source: The Daily Wire]

Silverman is not the only individual who has called into question the strange “strategy” of proclaiming victory for Biden in states that have yet to release their results. International publications, such as The Guardian, have also wondered why the United States media is “reporting different election results.”

The Guardian also points out Arizona specifically, noting the discrepancies between different decision desks.

“This year, Arizona has brought this into sharp relief. Our current total of 264 electoral votes for Joe Biden includes the fact that AP has called Arizona for the Democratic nominee. Not all decision desks have yet.” [Source: The Guardian]

Curious indeed, why “not all decision desks” have reached a consensus yet.

Perhaps because they’re in a twisted relationship with the Democrats, who are undoubtedly manufacturing more ways to make stealing the election look plausible?

In any event, while tension remains high, a strong glimmer of hope remains for an eventual victory for Trump in Arizona, which would provide him with a real shot of another four years.

Stay tuned for (hopefully) more positive news to follow!

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