At this point, many are likely feeling a sense of polling fatigue, particularly since all the polls appear to be subsumed in deception. You know, the types of polls that show Biden holding a sizable edge over Trump just about everything, from different states to the entire nation. Despite Biden drawing perhaps 100 cars in attendance, versus Trump’s thousands.

However, a poll released by Draft Kings is probably the most accurate poll yet, and its results should be highly encouraging to anyone understandably nervous by the media’s (and for that matter, Pelosi’s) nonstop focus on a supposedly imminent Biden win.

Draft Kings conducted a poll across all the states, simply questioning respondents about who they think is most likely to win the presidential election. While one certainly expected a more realistic response than the likes of polls promoted by CNN, MSNBC, and a host of other joker outlets, the results are surprisingly fantastic for virtually anyone.

According to this poll, individuals in every single state, with the exception of Colorado, believe that Trump is going to win the election. That’s right: respondents in 49 out of 50 states, regardless of their personal presidential preference, believe that Trump will sweep the 2020 election.


What’s even more brilliant is this poll didn’t cover the standard 1,000-3,000 “sample” polls promoted by the Democrats. This poll features responses from 373,000 individuals and counting as of yesterday afternoon.

While we have long known that enthusiasm for Biden has been tepid at best, it is still surprising when states largely known for their arrogant elitism (i.e., California, New York, and so forth) are slowly realizing the inevitability of another four years.

These individuals include Democrat “officials” in key battleground states, such as Florida, where State Senator Oscar Braynon fretted over low turnout from black voters in Miami, the state’s largest city.

“There is not the turnout here [Miami] in the black community that I’ve seen in the past … I can speculate about the reasons, but the fact is, it remains concerning.” [Source: Breitbart]

In addition, other pollsters have grudgingly admitted that the polls blasted all over the fake news are likely not accurate, as they fail to take into account the “hidden” Trump voter.

Economist Arie Kapteyn admits this phenomenon, noting that respondents were asked another question to detect the presence of the “hidden” Trump voter.

“We ask them the probability they’ll vote for Biden or Trump or someone else. But we now also ask them a question I think you’d always asked, Robert: ‘Who do you think your friends and neighbors will vote for?’ We call it a ‘social-circle’ question,” he explained. [Source: Breitbart]

All of the sudden Biden’s massive lead evaporates when pollsters receive the results of these “social-circle” questions. No wonder those polls haven’t featured in CNN’s nightly prime time episodes.

The truth is, all these ultra-liberals really have no one to blame but themselves. Exactly what kind of campaign is one that fixates on a COVID “death rate” that happens to be one of the lowest per capita in the world? Not to mention a campaign that simultaneously demands socially distanced cars at marginally attended rallies while openly promoting violent, non-socially distancing riots.

Then, to make things really interesting, the Harris-Biden ticket decided it would be a good idea to swing to full blown Marxism in the final days of its campaign. One would normally think such a campaign would be designed by someone who really wants to lose the election, but power-hungry Harris renders that possibility highly unlikely.

In fact, power-hungry Harris has openly proclaimed she will promote equity over equality. How does equity differ from equality?

Well, this is how: Equality means everyone starts in the same place, whereas equity means everyone ends up in the same place. In other words, criminal high school dropouts should end up “in the same place” as hardworking, law-abiding citizens. Harris is not concerned with equality of opportunity, she is concerned with equality of outcome.

Which means that everyone winds up equally poor and impoverished. Great vision for America’s future. Not.

Harris’s views, in other words, come straight out of the Orwellian handbook, as George Orwell foresaw this type of dangerous nonsense decades in advance. As noted by The Daily Wire, Harris promotes a dystopian vision that has repeated itself (tragically) across too many nations to count.

“Equality of outcome cannot be engineered without removing self-determination, freedom, liberty, creativity, and everything else that makes humans human, and life worth living. Governments, as it turns out, cannot force people to be more successful than their desire, ambition, and skill level will take them. Equity cannot be achieved through mere positive enforcement. The only way to do it — if it can be done at all — is to punish, censor, stifle, and kill.”
[Source: The Daily Wire]

A vote for Harris-Biden is a vote for the possibility of an irretrievably broken America, which might not survive a full-on Marxist onslaught from the left and their tech/media hound dogs.

With any luck, the presidential election results will be determined quickly, in spite of Pennsylvania’s threat that it will take “days” to determine the winner.

If anyone is interested in preserving liberty as they know it, there is only one person to vote for, and that would be the greatest president in modern American history, who has withstood an unprecedented media assault.

That would be Donald J. Trump, the greatest beacon of light in the Western world.

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