De Blasio’s New York City is the gift that keeps perversely giving. Over the weekend, BLM and Antifa were out in full force from the east coast to the west coast, curiously concentrated in ultra-liberal, fascist strongholds. And this time, they were full of even nastier things to say, alongside even nastier actions to take.

When the police dared to disperse the crowds (you know, the crowds that are supposedly not permitted under Cuomo and De Blasio’s reign), they were met with violent verbal threats and other despicable actions.

One particularly unpleasant woman apparently thought it was appropriate to scream the following:

“I hope all of your children get raped and killed! You’re a f**king disgrace!” [Source: Breitbart]

Charming. If only she were an isolated incident (one of which is still far too many). On the contrary, she represented the general sentiment, as well as impressively low vocabulary, of the non-socially distanced, non-masked rioters.

Another woman joined in the fray, shrieking at the police officers for doing their jobs.

“What the f**k are you doing here? Go fight real crime, you f**king pathetic pussies!” [Source: Breitbart]

Well, that statement underscores America’s verbal future if Democrats continue to dominate the school system. Then again, recalling the New York City vice principal busted for screaming “f**k the police!” over the summer, it appears all the snowflakes really are taking their cues from the “top.”

Other pro-Biden, violent leftists continued screaming their tired, yet despicable, assertion that “the only good cop is a dead cop!”

These mass riots come on top of multiple businesses in New York City, from giant department stores like Macy’s to a number of small businesses, many of which are minority-owned, boarding up their windows in nervous anticipation of Election Day violence.

Safe to say, these stores are not concerned about violent Trump supporters. On the contrary, just in case any doubt remained in people’s minds, Antifa and BLM’s despicable antics over the weekend in New York City illustrated who the real threat to democracy is.

Speaking of real threats to democracy, the violent crowds in New York City were able to conveniently coordinate due to various Antifa announcements across Twitter. You know, the same platform that found it urgent to block the New York Post from posting anything until Glenn Greenwald’s damning article (now available to read in full).

Apparently, Twitter isn’t very concerned about organized violence against police being planned on its platform, but truthful stories about Bidens? Well, by all means, they must be suppressed.

Unfortunately, New York City was not the only liberal bastion full of hate for Americans this past weekend. On the west coast, a number of supposed Americans decided to demonstrate their feelings about the nation that gives them liberties most of the world can only dream about, if they can even conceive of it in the first place.

For instance, in Washington state, an increasingly communist regime, a number of protestors decided to celebrate Halloween by burning flags and effectively calling for the death of America.

“Every one of you has blood on your hands!”

“Death to your f**king empire! You sick f**ks!”

“F**k you for all the Native Americans that you f**king killed! You…mother-f**kers!”

“All the Black people, all the Iraqis. All the Afghan[s]. All the Vietnamese!” [Source: Breitbart]

So, in other words, these “Americans” have about as much respect for America as Iranians, who are well known for chanting “Death to America!” in the streets while threatening imminent terrorist attacks.

Notice a pattern?

Despite all of the chaos, a silver lining miraculously emerged in New York City: Hank Newsome, a top BLM “official” was arrested by the NYPD. Newsome, ever emblematic of the “tolerant” left, was apparently planning a literal bloodbath following election results that may not agree with his tastes.

The NYPD, already understanding their position as permanently demonized in the news, wisely went ahead and arrested Newsome. After all, since the left and the media are going to hate them no matter what, they have moved forward with doing their jobs and protecting the Americans who support them.

Hopefully, a victor will be announced tomorrow night, and only one of the candidates will promote law and order: Trump. In the horrific event of a Biden win, prepare for nationwide lockdowns a la UK, not to mention nonstop violent mobs who are apparently exempt from social distancing and masking mandates.

The tension could not be thicker at this point in time, which is why voting now, if it has not already occurred, is more vital than ever.

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