With just five days to go until Election Day, the folks over at NBC News are getting nervous Joe Biden’s campaign from the basement isn’t going to be enough to get him over the finish line and into the White House.

During a segment Wednesday, host Chuck Todd quested whether the Biden campaign was doing enough to connect with voters as the polls in crucial swing states continue to tighten.

“Is there a part of you that’s nervous about the light Biden footprint when it comes to campaigning, when it comes to the door knocking, when it comes to this stuff?” Todd asked his guest.

The Trump campaign and the RNC have been knocking on millions of door for months. Biden’s team has knocked on none. While President Trump holds multiple rallies per day in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona and elsewhere, Biden has been hosting virtual events and hardly traveling.

Meanwhile, MSNBC morning show host Joe Scarborough and regular opponent of President Trump is admitting today’s GDP numbers, which topped 33 percent for the third quarter, are a huge positive in the final days of the election.

Author: Katie Pavlich

Source: Townhall: NBC Gets Nervous About Biden’s Campaign Style: This May Not End Well

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