As the city of Philadelphia faces violent unrest over a police-involved shooting that occurred on Monday, officials are reportedly investigating potential explosives found in a van, per local outlets. An influx of civil disturbance began after Philadelphia law enforcement officials shot and killed Walter Wallace, who reportedly charged at police officers with a knife and refused to surrender the weapon, officials said.

Law enforcement is investigating the “suspicious equipment” thought to be explosives.

Rioting and looting erupted from violent protesters in response to Wallace’s shooting, which is still under investigation by local law enforcement and officials, as Julio saw on the ground:

In response to the unhinged violence, local officials implemented a 9 p.m. citywide curfew, ahead of Pennsylvania’s National Guard arriving in the city later in the week.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: BREAKING: Potential Explosives Found in Philadelphia During Violent Riots

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