With under a week to go, the tension (and the excitement) is almost palpable. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the burning Democratic city, and despite the perpetually raging snowflakes, American Patriots are feeling a stronger sense of hope now than during the summer.

Why? Because we just might be on the cusp of another four years. To fully appreciate this cusp, let’s take a brief walk down memory lane.

Remember back in 2016, back when Hilary Clinton apparently had a 99 percent chance of winning? Back when Donald J. Trump was a total unknown, and back when the entirety of the GOP was against him? Remember how the idea of him winning was virtually impossible?

And, then, remember when the unthinkable happened: Trump not only won, but he swept the electoral vote.

Oh, of course, Trump did “lose” the popular by 3 million votes, which leftists always like to shriek about, but votes from Tijuana are not valid in a United States presidential election. Nor are votes from illegally president individuals in sanctuary cities valid. Something antagonists of the electoral college fail to understand.

Now, after four years of Trump, specifically four years of how truly great Trump is, the 2020 election seems even more promising than 2016, total Democrat insanity aside.

In fact, even though the fake news media has promoted polls that show Biden in the lead, these polls lack the rather decided enthusiasm that marked Hillary Clinton’s supposed lead in 2016.

In fact, the most recently released poll shows a much narrower lead between Biden and Trump, which is a complete contrast with 2016. The IBD/TIPP poll, which is generally regarded as more accurate than other polls, at least as far as 2016 was concerned, just released new poll results.

And those results are sure to bring a smile to any patriotic American’s face.

“The latest Biden vs. Trump poll from IBD/TIPP suggests the race has become competitive with just one week to go,” IBD/TIPP reports. “President Donald Trump’s support has surpassed his 2016 share of the vote in the IBD/TIPP presidential poll update, while Vice President Joe Biden appears to have lost ground among some key groups.”

“Trump’s 46.3% support is a new high-water mark in the IBD/TIPP presidential poll, topping his 46.1% vote share in 2016.” [Source: Breitbart]

In addition to the IBD/TIPP poll, Rasmussen, another poll that was vastly more accurate in 2016, has Trump in a slight lead over Biden, at 48 percent to Biden’s 47 percent.

On top of these highly favorable national polls, which have literally moved overnight, Trump continues to show promise in major battleground states, whose electoral votes are critical for pushing Trump over the finish line.

Outside of these polls, the widespread love for Trump is clear, no matter how much the fake media tries to suffocate it. Massive rallies all over the United States, as well as caravans of cars that are tens of miles long. These rallies are not just limited to the United States either, as another massive caravan of support for Trump appeared in Israel yesterday evening.

Meanwhile, what is going on in leftist looney land?

Hollywood is turning itself inside out over the constitutionally correct process of appointing Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States. Why the freak out? Because Barrett actually follows the law. The horror (for leftists).

Biden confused Trump with Bush, apparently forgetting that Bush preceded Obama’s term. Then, he apparently confused himself, or, “misspoke” over his “free” college plan. With any luck, Americans will never have to worry about what Biden’s “free” college plan really entails.

Perhaps if Biden didn’t routinely call it a day at 9 a.m., Americans might get some more details.

Oh, and of course the fake news media has worked itself into a total tizzy over Hunter Biden, ironically drawing more attention to the story by censoring it.

In fact, the rather blatant censorship of the story across social media platforms likely drew even more attention to it than if social media had done nothing in the first place (you know, the same type of nothing they do when “peaceful protests” are being organized using their channels).

Kind of like tempting the population with forbidden fruit.

Fortunately, there are far more reasons to vote in favor of Trump over Biden, and they expand well beyond the “forbidden fruit” of Hunter Biden’s questionable extracurricular antics (on the taxpayers’ dime).

Trump truly loves the United States, as well as all Americans within it, regardless of race, religion, or other distinguishing background characteristic that liberals love to seize upon for division purposes only.

In addition, with his business background, Trump has won the respect of black business moguls, who appreciate the real world experience he has brought to the White House for the benefit of the American people.

Now, with just six days left to go, the election results cannot be announced soon enough … and sooner, rather than later, hopefully all American Patriots will be able to celebrate the much-deserved four more years.

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