At the end of the week, it is an immense pleasure to describe how resoundingly Trump crushed Biden in last night’s debate. In fact, a completely objective observer could not help but not how much more cogent Trump was throughout the entire proceedings.

Not to mention the fact that Trump did not have to continuously look downward at notes written by someone else. Whereas Trump looked straight ahead and did not stammer over notes, Biden repeatedly stammered and backed up.

Whereas Trump offered real projections, Biden offered meaningless platitudes. Whereas Trump offers verified evidence, Biden offers unverified hearsay. And when Trump is asked for his plan, he gave a plan. When Biden is asked for a plan, he began to insult Trump. Even worse, he used some of the same insults over and over and over again.

Too bad for Biden that Trump came armed with real facts and real evidence, the most damning of which pertained to Biden’s incredibly unscrupulous business dealings in China.

In the moment that all Patriotic Americans were waiting for, Trump had the chance to ask Biden directly what he was doing with all the foreign sources of money.

“All of the emails … the horrible emails of the kind of money that you were raking in, you and your family. And Joe, you were vice president when some of this was happening. And it should’ve never happened,” Trump said. “I think you owe an explanation to the American people.” [Source: Fox News]

Biden 100% owes a response to the American people, especially since he avoided the press for multiple days after the contents of Hunter’s laptop began reaching mainstream media airwaves. And, in spite of social media’s efforts to suffocate the story, the information still flew across the communication devices of many Americans, showing that social media does not (yet) have total power and control over all information.

Which is precisely why Biden’s response was such a massive letdown.

Biden responded: “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life.” [Source: Fox News]

How convenient, Biden.

Note the worse of the word “I.” Joe Biden claims he never took “a penny” from any foreign source in his life. Overlooking the fact that China uses the yuan and Ukraine uses the hryvnia, not the dollar, Biden may have technically been telling the “truth,” which really means it’s a lie as far as the American people are concerned.

Plus, notice how Joe Biden artfully dodged questions on Hunter by saying “I.” It was interesting he did not say, “neither Hunter nor I nor anyone else …” Simply “I.”

Classic swamp creature.

In terms of the number of other missteps Biden made, they are far too endless to count for just one article. However, it is safe to say that supporting lockdowns, advocating oil industry closures, and repeating the same insults over and over again does not exactly offer an inspiring platform for Americans to vote for.

Oh, since Biden is apparently incapable of fact-checking himself, or memory-checking for that matter, he repeatedly insisted he never labeled Trump xenophobic for closing down flights to China, although countless videos showing Biden saying exactly this disprove his claims.

Another particularly humorous moment of the debate occurred when Biden showed his total lack of knowledge regarding the middle class, when he started by saying, “for people making less than …” only to quickly back up and say, “for middle class people …”

So, in other words, Mr. Biden, you have no idea what the average income level is of the very people you think should blindly vote for you. Then again, since Hunter Biden was paid over $180,000 by shady Ukrainians to occupy a rather dubious position on a Ukrainian-speaking energy board under investigation

Who knows how much China paid, especially given the rather generous “salary” from the Ukraine. Safe to say it was even more. Multiple millions at once, at minimum.

So, yeah, in light of those facts, it would make sense that Biden would have no concept of what the average middle class income is. Yet he’s going to magically fix all the middle class’s problems by raising taxes even more on them? While everything is shut down?

Eh, ok. Let’s see how that works out.

Ultimately, last night’s presidential debate resoundingly made up for the fact that the second debate was missed. Trump scored a major win with the second debate, as his refusal to engage virtually magically led to a third presidential debate in-person.

The debate was clearly more civil than the first, despite Biden’s babyish antics.

Most importantly, it showed that there is one person, and one person only, capable of leading the nation forward on a favorable path.

And that would be Donald J. Trump.

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