“Breakfast Club” co-host Charlamagne Tha God acknowledged President Trump’s efforts to reach out to “young Black male voters,” a group the radio personality said “never gets courted.”

During a CNN appearance Tuesday night, Charlamagne was asked about “prominent Black men” who have either endorsed Trump or expressed willingness to work with him, likely alluding to 50 Cent’s social media posts indicating that he’s voting for the president and Ice Cube’s partnership with the Trump campaign on its “Platinum Plan” to benefit Black Americans.

“I don’t like that narrative,” Charlamagne told anchor Don Lemon. “You know, because if Trump wins, they’re about to turn this into a ‘Black men are the reason why Trump is in office.'”

“When it comes to those Black people you see who maybe [are] showing support for Trump, I just think because Trump is actually talking to young Black male voters,” the radio talk show host added. “He’s directing ads towards them. They are a group that, you know, never gets courted. I mean, Black people don’t get courted either as a whole, but that old Democratic regime speaks to old Black men and they think that everyone else in the Black community, the Black family is supposed to fall in line … they think the rest of us all speak the same language.”

He added, “So Trump is targeting young Black males. And promo ad and marketing, it works.”

During the interview, Charlamagne told Lemon that he wasn’t “necessarily voting for Joe Biden” but was instead “voting for Kamala Harris.

“I believe she’s a political change agent, exactly the leader this country needs to lead us in the future. If she’s not, I’ll just be wrong,” he explained. “I’m just so tired of old White male leadership in politics.”

In May, Biden famously raised eyebrows during an interview with Charlamagne tha God on “The Breakfast Club” when he attempted to defend his record with the Black community.

“I tell you if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black,” Biden told Charlamagne.

Author: Joseph A. Wulfsohn

Source: Fox News: Charlamagne Tha God credits Trump for ‘actually talking to young Black male voters’

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