In news that will surely enrage the most rabid anti-Americans, who are small in number but egregiously outsized in the media attention they attract, Trump’s condition has not worsened. On the contrary, it has stabilized, to the degree that he may be released from Walter Reed Hospital as early as this week, or within the next couple of days.

Since Dr. Sean Conley is Trump’s physician, his updates should definitely hold a bit more merit (to put it mildly) than high school dropout celebrities.

“As with any illness there are particular ups and downs over the course especially when a patient is being so closely watched 24 hours a day … The president wanted me to share how proud he is of the group, what an honor it is for him to be receiving his care here at Walter Reed and be surrounded by such incredible talent: academic leaders, department chairs, internationally renowned researchers and clinicians, including the support of Dr. Garibaldi from Johns Hopkins …

This president is going to recover, we are highly confident of that.” [Source: Fox News]

This great news should really be quite unsurprising, given that Dr. Qanta Ahmed, a clearly another more authoritative source than the psychopathic fake news, wrote an elaborate opinion piece published over the weekend regarding the President’s highly likely full recovery, some of which is excerpted below.

“As a pulmonologist and intensive care physician who has treated COVID-19 patients at NYU Langone Health, where I practice, I know full well that the disease caused by the coronavirus can be quite serious — and fatal in some cases. But importantly, I also know that the vast majority of COVID-19 patients recover from the disease …

The statistics tell the story. The confirmed death toll in the U.S. from COVID-19 is 208,520 at this writing — certainly a tragic toll. But there have been more than 7.3 million confirmed cases of the disease in this country. The overwhelming majority of patients infected with the coronavirus have fully recovered …

It is my heartfelt prayer that President Trump and first lady Melania Trump, who has also tested positive, will be among those who recover from COVID-19. The odds are certainly in their favor …

When the president ultimately recovers — and all indications at this time point to his full recovery — his body will develop its own innate immunity to the coronavirus.” [Source: Fox News]

Take that, Pelosi. For that matter, Schumer. And definitely one of the biggest non-representatives of the U.S., Miss Ballot-Harvesting Omar, who has eagerly exploited this opportunity and demanded Biden “go for blood.” How characteristic of someone better suited for politics abroad in certain regions than the United States.

Too bad the fake news media will probably have a meltdown over Trump’s clear improvement in health, while they perversely mourn the deaths of unrepentant criminals intent on destroying society and every hardworking American within it.

Contrary to the complete lies spewed by the Communist News Network (in another era, the once-respected CNN), not to mention several rabidly leftist journalists chomping at the bit to write Trump’s obituary, Trump was hospitalized due to an abundance of precaution, which is rather sensible given that he is one of the truly last leaders of the free world.

Freedom that Democrats are eager to destroy, so that they can further build their (walled) Pelosi-an castles while lecturing down to the rest of Americans about how they should stay permanently locked up. How dare Americans wish to go back to work and send their children to school!

Who needs to build more prisons when the Democrats are at the helm? Under their leadership, most people are effectively on indefinite house arrest anyway. Except, their only crime was working and trying to do things the right way. Unlike the ballot-harvesting “squad” and relief-denying “senior leadership” in the Democrat Party.

Fortunately for advocates of the liberties upon with America was built, a larger percentage than the Democrats will ever wish to admit, Trump shows no signs of slowing down. From the numerous reports regarding his continuous, tireless work for Americans from the hospital, not to mention the military aircraft flown over Portland and D.C. to warn foreign enemies not to mess with the U.S., it is clear that Trump truly is the most fearless leader the United States has been privileged to have in recent memory.

Not to mention the most caring towards the public, as evidenced by Trump’s surprise greeting to thousands gathered outside Walter Reed to support his speedy recovery.

Godspeed, Mr. President!

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