The Philadelphia Firefighters and Paramedics Union announced on Tuesday they will be breaking with the International Association of Fire Fighters, who endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden, and will be endorsing President Trump.

“The members of Local 22 respectfully break with the undemocratic IAFF endorsement of Joe Biden and pledge our full support to President Donald J. Trump. The Biden endorsement was done without a canvas of local unions and the consideration of the rank and file IAFF membership,” President Mike Bresnan wrote.

“Local 22 members were surveyed and overwhelmingly chose President Trump,” Bresnan continued. “They know what is at stake in this election and this endorsement should be a wake-up call to IAFF leaders that have lost touch with the will of the membership. There is tremendous support for President Trump among first responders and we encourage other IAFF locals to confer with their members.”

Bresnan wrote that several Philadelphia fire companies were shut down under the Obama-Biden administration and they were able to come back due to the FEMA grants provided by the Trump administration.

Local 22 of the IAFF represents more than 4,500 current and retired firefighters, paramedics, EMT’s and officers of the Philadelphia Fire Department.

Author: Julio Rosas

Source: Townhall: Philly Firefighters Union Breaks with National Organization to Endorse Trump Over Biden

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