For a party so fixated on Trump’s non-existent corruption and imminent “threat” to democracy, the Democrats sure seem to be caught up in quite a few of their own illegal activities. While they have been widely exposed as rather obvious hypocrites on repeated occasions, repeated illegal activity is a new low for the party. Especially activities that are routinely caught, which is just downright embarrassing.

In the case of their poorly chosen presidential candidate, for instance, Biden has now not only been exposed for lying about his alma mater, but also for taking strong advantage of S-corporation loopholes to avoid paying payroll taxes. And the Democrats are concerned about Trump’s corruption.

Hilariously, since the fake news is apparently not enough in their (corrupt) quest to unseat Trump, the Democrats have to enlist the help of murderous criminals and incredibly corrupt (overprivileged) leftist billionaires, with Bloomberg being the more obvious example. Now, the latest example of such shenanigans is rather openly America-hating Ilhan Omar, one of the biggest non-representatives of the people.

In the spirit of Bloomberg, who managed to achieve nothing aside from launching an investigation into himself a day after openly proclaiming his intent to sell votes for Biden in major battleground state Florida (desperate, much?), now “representative” Omar, along with her associates, have been caught openly tampering with absentee ballots in a pathetic attempt to avoid an increasingly apparent probability that Trump will win the election.
How has she done so? Well, she has now tied directly to a ballot harvesting scheme, in which third-party workers collect and supposedly deliver ballots from various individuals’ houses who opted to mail in their votes, rather than wisely cast them in person. In some cases, voting from home or elsewhere is unavoidable; however, effectively demanding that people mail in ballots raises a number of disturbing questions, particularly in light of Omar’s shenanigans.

In a less than brilliant move that would make the most incompetent intelligence officer squirm, Omar’s associate had the audacity to boast on social media about all the hundreds of ballots he had in his car for Omar’s re-election.

On Sunday, Project Veritas released a video showing a man named Liban Mohamed boasting on social media July 7 about having his car “full” of 300 absentee ballots he had “hustled” for then-Minneapolis City Council candidate Jamal Osman, who won his seat in August, according to the Pioneer Press. [Source: The Blaze]

“Hustled.” Nice. Very professional (not).

Note to Omar and her associates: If you insist upon engaging in a highly illegal ballot harvesting scheme, clearly the only way you’d win, maybe avoid bragging about it on social media. That’s pretty much CYA 101 for activities that should have never been orchestrated in the first place, especially given generally strict state laws regarding the collection of ballots.

To combat obvious corruption, most states have laws restricting the number of ballots that can be delivered by a third party. For reference, Minnesota limits the amount of ballots collected to 3, not 300. So, a 100x corruption scheme. A key exception to this rule is California, which allows “unlimited” mail in ballots to be delivered by a single third party (shocking … not).

Now, the Minneapolis authorities are looking into her highly illegal scheme, also known as Project Veritas. Good going, Omar. Your discretion is exceptional.

President Trump also weighed in on Omar’s insanely illegal activities, knowing that the fake news would criticize him, while also knowing he, and American patriots, could care less about what the “news” outlets have to invent.

“This is totally illegal. Hope that the U.S. Attorney in Minnesota has this, and other of her many misdeeds, under serious review??? If not, why not??? We will win Minnesota because of her, and law enforcement. Saved Minneapolis & Iron O Range!” Trump wrote. [Source: Washington Examiner]

Try as they might, the fake news media cannot silence Trump on Twitter. Then again, since Trump’s Twitter feed appears to be the main source consulted by more than one “journalist,” they’d likely be out of work if Trump’s Twitter feed were to close down; real research is clearly not their forte, especially if it might upset their gross misperceptions of reality.

When it comes to the Democrats, you’re dealing with a party that has an effective domination over the fake news media, a fake news media that has become so divorced from the Constitution, not to mention interest in all Americans’ welfare, that one of the most extreme outlets, The Washington Post has recently endorsed Biden (to exactly no one’s surprise).

A bit surprisingly, the “news” paper was even less creative with its endorsement of Biden than it was with its creative storytelling about Nick Sandmann. Incredibly irresponsible and highly unethical, the rather false smear resulted in them having to reach a private settlement with a teenager, albeit a teenager of far firmer convictions than they can ever hope to achieve.

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