Well done, Bloomberg and Bezos. Bloomberg openly proclaims his desire, along with $100M and then some, to “flip” Florida for Biden. Bezos’s idiotically short-sighted The Washington Post, which he has swiftly run into the ground ever since acquiring it, was arrogant enough to widely publicize Bloomberg’s rather open bribery, in particular effectively bribing nearly 32,000 felons to vote for Biden.

There was no need to even infer the meaning of the intent underlying the astonishingly blind article by The Washington Post, which actually proclaimed Bloomberg’s intentions directly (such is the arrogance of anything owned by Bezos).

Bloomberg and his team had raised the money “to pay the court fines and fees of nearly 32,000 Black and Hispanic Florida voters with felony convictions, an effort aimed at boosting turnout for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.”

The Post added that “Bloomberg’s advisers identified that group as both likely to vote for Biden and more likely to vote than other groups of former felons.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Wow. The arrogance is truly breathtaking.

Fortunately, thus far the main achievement from the pathetic efforts of the rather uninspiring duo of Bloomberg and Bezos’s has simply been to draw increased attraction to their own nefarious, criminal activities, in particular Bloomberg.

Within 24 hours of The Washington Post moronically advertising Bloomberg’s open bribery of largely minority felons, Florida’s Attorney General Angela Moody issued a swift letter to the state, calling for an investigation into Bloomberg’s stunningly transparent violation of bribery laws, as they pertain to elections.

“Governor DeSantis has asked that my office review recent allegations found in the enclosed September 22, 2020 Washington Post article and relevant law,” the letter states.

“After preliminary reviewing this limited public information and law, it appears further investigation is warranted,” Moody continues. “Accordingly, I request that your agencies further investigate this matter and take appropriate steps as merited.” [Source: Breitbart]

In what may or may not be news to elitists like Bloomberg, Florida actually has laws against “vote selling,” in which anyone who bribes voters, whether it is to vote for a candidate, against a candidate, or simply abstain from voting period, is in violation of state’s laws.

AG Moody is not the only one who broached this issue, as both Governor Ron DeSantis and Rep. Matt Gaetz issued a request regarding Bloomberg’s highly suspicious donations to the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, as they rightfully should. It’s called following the law, not to mention representing the law-abiding citizens that elected them to power in the first place.

While the fake news media might make looting, burning, bricking, rioting, murdering, and blocking hospitals all seem like perfectly acceptable behaviors, some states actually do attempt to follow the law.

Fortunately, Florida happens to be one of them. Aside from vote selling, another one of those (enforced) laws happens to be that the 1.5 million convicted felons should justifiably pay fines prior to voting in election, and these fines are undoubtedly infinitely less than the taxpayer cost it took to jail them in the first place, not to mention the entire criminal proceedings, from arrest to conviction..

Looks like Bloomberg just might learn the hard way that all his billions don’t put above the law, in spite of the left’s ironically hysterical claims otherwise. It also looks like Bezos will be learning for the umpteenth time (assuming he ever learns anything) that The Washington Post is not his personal attack vehicle against Trump, and it certainly isn’t his vehicle to spread whatever lies he would like, however convenient they may be for nursing his obviously fragile ego.

What is it with these leftist billionaires that have it completely out for President Trump? Jealous of his competency, perhaps?

After all, Bezos launched an absurd investigation into who leaked his rather juvenile, borderline illiterate text messages to his mistress … only to find out it was effectively his mistress. Bloomberg spent more than $600 million only to prove he couldn’t gain any traction at all for his own vanity run, then promptly decided to screw the workers to whom he’d promised jobs throughout the election season. He was sure to quickly support felons, however.

What a pair. Well suited for one another, however.

In fact, in perhaps the greatest twist to the story, just after Bloomberg pledged his bribery (or “support”) to felons in Florida, all for the price of a vote for Biden, a new poll was released regarding the current political presidential preference in Florida.

The winner? Trump. By a percentage of 51% to 47%.

Most hilariously of all? The poll was conducted by ABC and … The Washington Post.

Take that, Bloomberg and Bezos. And while you’re at it, take yourself out of the picture before you end up in jail with all the felons you’re so desperate to empower to vote.

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