Quite recently, Michael Bloomberg, perhaps best known for squandering hundreds of millions of dollars on a presidential run that lasted a grand total of 101 days, has openly stated his deliberate interference in the key battleground state of Florida, which is now tied with New York for having the third highest number of electoral votes, following Texas and California.

Bloomberg is so brazen, not to mention protected by the fake news media, that he even put a price tag on his interference in Florida specifically, to the tune of $100 million. Despite the fact that Bloomberg’s statements and sentiments directly violate the nature of campaign finance laws, the Democrats and media in general have gone off on such a full assault regarding Trump that they don’t even blink an eye at some ironically leftist billionaire proclaiming his desire to thwart the electoral process.

Talk about privilege.

In perhaps the truest exhibition of the privilege that the AOC and Pelosi would normally rage about, not only has Bloomberg pledged $100M to defeat Trump in Florida, he has now thrown an additional $16M election fundraising within Florida. Exactly what is he spending this additional $16M on?

Well, in the spirit of Kamala Harris, who is “proud” of a man accused of sexual assault and intent on attacking police officers, not to mention her own fundraising antics for felons behind barely closed doors, Bloomberg has opted to throw in substantial additional funding in order to help … felons. Specifically, Bloomberg threw his heavy weight, and extreme privilege, behind providing more support to the Florida Restoration Rights Coalition.

Yes, that is correct; Bloomberg has decided, out of the deep generosity of his heart, to pay all the court fines and fees of nearly 32,000 minority felons in the United States. Of course, this fee payment comes with rather obvious strings attached: Vote Biden … or else.

While this claim may seem incendiary, Bloomberg himself has officially stated his intentions behind this fundraising, as evidenced in an official memo released from his office.

“We know to win Florida we will need to persuade, motivate and add new votes to the Biden column … This means we need to explore all avenues for finding the needed votes when so many votes are already determined …

The data shows that in Florida, Black voters are a unique universe unlike any other voting bloc, where the Democratic support rate tends to be 90%-95%.” [Source: Fox News]

Uh, wow. As insane as this may sound, even Soros hides behind a very thin, unconvincing shield of promoting “freedom” around the world, though of course his idea of freedom is communist imprisonment. For everyone but himself and his other leftist billionaire buddies, that is.

Imagine if a conservative billionaire announced personal expenditures to the tune of nine figures in one battleground state to defeat Biden. The fake news media would not only go berserk, but they would probably demand nothing short of a guillotine execution livestreamed across social media platforms, another poisonous tentacle of the “progressive” party.

Even worse, imagine if that same conservative billionaire had been sued by his already low-paid staff for abruptly terminating their jobs after a failed presidential run in the midst of a pandemic. The billionaire’s friends and family would probably be facing the media guillotine as well.

The above scenario is actually true, though it is true for Bloomberg, not a mythical conservative billionaire who is probably in hiding or outside the country until the insanity of the election is over.

In perhaps the greatest irony of this entire situation, Bloomberg is not only openly interfering in Florida, courtesy of his vast privilege, but he also simultaneously being sued by the very staffers who supported his absurd vanity presidential run in the first place. Several naïve campaign staffers received a very rude wakeup call when Bloomberg abruptly terminated his campaign and effectively screwed all of his staffers out of jobs that were effectively promised for multiple months.

Specifically, they were promised jobs by Bloomberg’s campaign manager through November. Instead, they were given jobs for approximately 39 days. Yeah, that’s really going to pay the ballooning bills they all undoubtedly have, which is precisely why a lawsuit openly identifying Bloomberg’s actions is being pursued in New York City.

“The Bloomberg campaign’s hiring managers understood that potential applicants for field staff positions like the plaintiffs would be motivated to work for Mike Bloomberg 2020 because of their interest in working on the general election to defeat Donald Trump,” the lawsuit states.

“Accordingly, the Mike Bloomberg 2020 hiring managers expressly promised field staff applicants for Mike Bloomberg 2020 that they would be employed by Mike Bloomberg 2020 to perform work on the primary campaign to elect Michael Bloomberg as the Democratic nominee and election, regardless of whether Bloomberg won the nomination, and stated that the Bloomberg campaign would keep open and financially support its field offices through the general election campaign.” [Source: The Blaze]

This action would be bad form even in bullish times, but during the times of a Democrat-created pandemic hysteria, this action is downright unconscionable. Much like the rest of the Democrat party and definitely the criminally irresponsible fake news media.

Looks like Bloomberg just can’t get over the fact that Trump became President of the United States with nearly the entire Republican party, not to mention the entirety of the fake news media, against him in 2016. Without expending such massive sums of money.

President Trump is living proof that it takes far more than money to persuade real American Patriots, especially since real Patriots know that freedom is priceless.

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