Democrats truly are a product of the educational system that they’ve deliberately destroyed. Which means they have effectively zero critical thinking skills and even lower capacity for long-term planning of any kind, unless their idea of long-term planning is the next 48-hour fake news media cycle, typically derived entirely from Trump’s Twitter feed.

Investigative reporting, it is not.

That said, the latest incident in Chicago, a direct result of Democrat “policies,” is likely to throw a massive curveball into the Democrats’ attempt to steal, err, “protect the integrity” of the 2020 presidential election.

Tragically, a USPS worker was recently shot in Chicago, and while the worker was apparently not the “intended” target, they still suffered the violent, absurdly painful consequences.

As reported by ABC 7 Chicago, “The 24-year-old woman, who works as a United States Postal Service mail carrier, was shot at 91st Street and Ellis Avenue just after 11:35 a.m. while on the job … Chicago Fire Department officials said she was critically hurt after being shot multiple times.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

A 24-year-old female shot for doing her job. Wow. In a city that is pushing “defund police.” Well, defund all the police except the ones guarding the mayor’s street, that is.

“Given the threats that I have personally received. Given the threats to my home and my family, I’m gonna do everything to make sure that they are protected … I make no apologies whatsoever for that.” [Source: Chicago Sun-Times]

Wow. Ok, Lightfoot. How about the vastly less protected, and for that matter, vastly less “privileged” USPS workers?

Even worse, this is not the first USPS worker attacked in Chicago either, as another one was attacked with a paintball gun, and another was shot in the back of the head in March.

“In March, another Chicago letter carrier was shot while delivering mail in Brighton Park. He was caught in gang crossfire and told ABC7 he feels fortunate he was not more seriously injured from a shot to the back of his head.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

These shooters would be the same type that Harris would “be proud of.” Chicago’s postal workers, on the other hand, feel differently, as they gathered in a legitimate protest against gang violence and tacitly in favor of police protection.

“Chicago postal workers, saying it is too dangerous to deliver the mail, are threatening to stop delivering in some neighborhoods one week after a mail carrier was shot on her route,” the outlet reported. “Postal workers and community organizers joined together for a prayer vigil Thursday near the scene of last week’s shooting …

Now THAT is a legitimate protest. An afterhours shopping spree at Gucci, with some bricks hurled at police thrown in for “protesting,” is not.

In addition, a representative for the National Association of Letter Carriers (Branch 11), Mark Julion, also asserted that USPS workers had the right to work without being shot at.

“Any letter carrier who does not feel safe in any one of these communities then they are not to deliver mail and customers have to pick up their mail … We are not going to have another situation where the letter carrier is shot down.”
[Source: The Daily Wire]

Julion was also unimpressed by a USPS worker being shot by a paintball shortly afterwards.

“That’s a traumatic experience, especially when you had a coworker shot the day before … It’s not funny, these are federal employees…our members are at work trying to do their job trying to support their families, trying to serve the community.”
[Source: The Blaze]

Exactly. People who are just trying to do their job. In other words, the people Trump is doing everything within his legal power to protect, whereas the Democrats are doing just about anything to subvert Trump, even if it literally means death to the same lives they claim to care about.

Furthermore, the USPS shootings throw a bit of a curveball into the Democrats’ disturbingly unconstitutional plan.

For months and months and months, all the Americans have heard about is how the 2020 election must be mail-in for the “safety” of Americans. After all, COVID-19 can apparently be transmitted through sanitized voting booths with social distancing, whereas mass rioters and looters apparently possess the superhuman ability to withstand the virus despite stampeding all over each other.

Meanwhile in ultra-“privileged” Pelosi-land, Ms. Nancy claims, “our main goal would be to protect the integrity of the election as we protect the people from the coronavirus,” referencing not only her supposed Impeachment 2.0 of Trump, but also the absurd mail-in election that she keeps pushing (looting and shooting police officers, however, apparently is no issue).

Good luck protecting the “integrity” of the 2020 election when ultra-liberals are busy shooting USPS workers. That’s really going to contribute to a “safe” election filled with “integrity” for Americans. Something seems to suggest that most Americans would rather catch COVID-19 than a bullet (or several).

How exactly can a “mail-in” vote be the “safest” if the USPS workers cannot even pick up or deliver mail without being shot?

While a $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the shooters, something seems to suggest that other shooters will simply take their place, in the highly unlikely circumstance the other criminals will be apprehended in Lightfoot’s Chicago anytime soon.

One can only hope that Trump will win in a landslide, and then law and order will quickly replace the current carnage characterizing Democrat-“led” cities.

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