Biden’s campaign keeps getting better and better, and by better and better, that really means worse and worse for the Democrats. If Biden is trying to demonstrate cultural awareness, he’s doing it wrong. Very wrong.

Apparently unaware of the fact that many minority students benefit strongly from minority schools, Biden has pledged to defund charter schools. In fact, he has advocated effectively ending them, proclaiming, “[No] private charter school will receive a penny of federal funding. None.”

He then proceeded to ramble on endlessly about the supposed evils of charter schools, making some rather astonishing claims.

“I will not — there will be no federal dollars — I’m not Betsy DeVos — nor will my, my Secretary of Education be anything like her in terms of her attitudes about public schools. No privately funded charter school will receive or private charter school will receive a penny of federal money. None …

“And any charter school that, in fact, is worthy of being able to be in education, would have to be accountable to the same exact school boards, the same exact mechanisms that the public school is accountable to across the board,” Biden continued. “There has to be transparency. Now a lot of these charter schools are significantly underperforming, significantly. I can see where you can have a school, for example, a specialty school in the arts or for music. But if you’re going to have a charter school, it cannot come at the expense of the public school. It cannot come at the expense of the public school. We have to fully fund them. And any charter school that qualifies as essentially a chartered public school has to be accountable to the same standards, the same requirements, the same transparency as the public schools in that district are accountable to, meaning the Board of Education or whatever the mechanism and the controls of that school board.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Yes, Biden is actually demanding that they cannot be run or funded unless they are also “accountable” to the “same” school board that governs public schools. Yes, he actually made this absurd statement; apparently it escapes Biden that parents put their children in charter schools in the first place to avoid the dominion of certain school boards, which have become increasingly one-sided over the years.

However, Biden’s argument falls flat when it is reviewed in the context of the analysis of Thomas Sowell, a black economist, who notes that charter schools have routinely performed better than public schools in New York City. The kicker? Many of these students are the same minorities that Biden claims the Democrats will save.

“New York’s charter school students are predominantly black and Hispanic, and live in low-income neighborhoods. In 2019, most students in the city’s public schools failed to pass the statewide tests in mathematics and English. But most of the city’s charter school students passed in both subjects.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

How about those “exact same mechanisms,” in light of the above, Mr. Biden?

Maybe one day Biden will make a real gaffe, using “enslave” instead of “save,” as robbing young people of educational opportunity effectively does enslave them to a life of low-wage labor.

To be fair, perhaps defunding charter schools isn’t quite as an immediate as gaffe as saying, say, “you ain’t black.”

Or that he recently played a sexually graphic song in Spanish at another sparsely attended “rally” to celebrate Hispanice heritage. This rather tone deaf selection prompted an array of humorous comments.

“Jeff Giesea, political commentator: ‘Democrats treat minorities like pets, Biden edition. This is at the kick off of Hispanic heritage month. Memo to Biden: Castizos want law and order.’” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Gieasea’s comment, humor aside, details the exact issue with the Democrat Party: Literally no one wants complete lawlessness aside from total criminals. After all, surveys have revealed that 80 percent of African-Americans do not support defunding the police; Kimberly Klacik’s viral ad attracted more views than Michelle Obama’s highly emotional melodrama; and too many high profile black celebrities, from Kanye West to Hershel Walker, have resoundingly voiced their support for Trump, and they’ve done so continuously.

In essence, Biden has also resoundingly ignored the fact that a growing number of minorities are shifting towards the right; in fact, his total absence of such an acknowledgement does make one wonder exactly which information he’s privy to, or if he’s privy to any information at all.

After all, he did recently allude to the “Harris-Biden” ticket, the most frightening gaffe yet, effectively confirming that he is little more than a placeholder utterly and totally controlled by the Democrats. And constantly hidden in his basement.

Since Biden apparently ignores high profile black celebrities who have openly discussed their disillusionment with what the Democrats promote, it would make sense for the Democrats as a whole to routinely dismiss hardworking black parents who want to give their kids the same opportunities that every other hardworking parent wants to give their children, regardless of racial background: an opportunity to pursue a better quality life through quality education. It has apparently never occurred to the Democrats that

Education should not be racialized, but the Democrats can make just about anything about race since they can apparently make exactly nothing work for all Americans.

In other words, the polar opposite of President Trump.

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