For a party that claims to be so progressive, the Democrats sure seem to depend quite heavily on foreign interests and mega-billionaires for all their fundraising. In a rather stunning move, Michael Bloomberg, well known for wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on his own vanity presidential run, has now pledged $100 million to “flip” Florida for Biden.

Per Bloomberg’s “advisor” Howard Wolfson, the arrogant billionaire with a clear vendetta against (not to mention envy towards) Trump has asserted that he will be spending $100 million in Florida in a lame attempt to turn the Sunshine State blue.

The purpose of this “donation” is for early voting, and to “give lie to what we expect to be Trump’s election night messaging that Democrats are stealing the election, because unlike other battleground states, Florida counts its absentee ballots on or by Election Day.” [Source: Breitbart]

Wow. So because Florida counts all its ballots “on” or “by” Election day, that means the state must be directly attacked by some corrupt billionaire’s funding? How dare Florida demonstrate political responsibility and potentially upset Democratic plans for ballot tinkering post-election!

Corruption much?

This excuse is about as bad as Biden’s (or Harris’s) directive for all Americans to wear masks outside for the next three months, stated approximately three months before the election. How bloody obvious could the Democrats be?

On top of that, hasn’t Bloomberg learned by now that no matter how much money is thrown at something, it doesn’t mean it will be obtained?

Yes, this would be the same Bloomberg that wasted $600 million on his own presidential run, which lasted a grand total of 101 days. Gotta give him some credit though, as his rather irresponsible, self-involved expenditures are a hallmark of the Democrat Party. In other words, Bloomberg has resoundingly demonstrated that he is a master of waste, with his latest pet projects reaching a disgusting new low, even for him.

Interestingly, it seems that Bloomberg is effectively disregarding the intent of campaign finance laws, whether or not he is technically in the legal wrong. From an ethical standpoint, he is clearly in the wrong. After all, campaign finance laws were designed to protect the rights of the public against massive monetary interests; by limiting

For reference, D’Souza, an immigrant from India, as well as a well-known conservative documentary filmmaker, drew mass attention to Obama’s serious issues, including his tacit promises to Putin by a certain date, which was captured on video. Needless to say, since telling the truth about Obama is apparently tantamount to a crime, D’Souza was arrested for violating campaign finance laws. The extent of his donation? $10,000.

Fortunately, Trump has pardoned D’Souza from the rather bogus, retaliatory charge from the Obama administration (and people say Trump can’t handle criticism?), stomping out yet another one of Obama’s pathetic attempts to crush the opposition.
Perhaps Obama should have spent some time outside of academia before assuming the presidential office, as his weakness and incompetence enabled powers like China to continue flourishing in the first place.

Needless to say, Bloomberg’s rather open declaration of spending $100 million to “flip Florida” for Biden reeks of open corruption, as he didn’t even bother to hide his donation behind some nebulous purpose, such as encouraging young people to sign up to vote (i.e., indoctrinate young people into Marxist, or Democrat, “beliefs”).

Furthermore, Bloomberg’s sudden proclamation indirectly reveals the strength of Trump in one of the most critical battleground states of the 2020 election. After all, with such little time before the election begins (and even less time before the first presidential debates begin), why in the world would Bloomberg suddenly throw $100 million into influencing Florida? Unless, of course, the real polls are showing Trump’s increasing popularity in the Sunshine State, where he also enjoyed victory in 2016.

The likes of Bernie Sanders may have supposedly attracted immense interest and rather minor contributions, likely from student loans from irresponsibly debt-laden students who spend more time “protesting” than actually learning. However, the Democrat party itself appears to be entrapped within a valiantly sinking ship, totally dependent upon arrogant billionaires and Chinese interests, not to mention other foreign interests that are not quite as blatantly obvious.

Hopefully, Floridians will mount a resilient response to Bloomberg’s political treachery, draining him of yet another $100M. Given that Bloomberg has unwisely pledged an additional $60M to help Pelosi retain her seat, one can only hope that he essentially drains all his reserves. With the way he’s spending, he just might.

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