In a move likely to surprise no one these days, the Democrats have staunchly rejected a Coronavirus relief program to help Americans who are suffering undue economic stress. This rejection only underscores the total lack of interest that the Democratic Party has in the people themselves.

Rather than offering Americans the desperately needed assistance they need, the Democrats have decided that spurning Trump and making a big show of how anti-Trump they are. If they think Americans would rather watch these antics than pay their bills, then they have another thing coming to them in November.

The Senate Republican measure, in other words, did not pass through the cloture vote, with 52 Republicans voting in favor and 47 Democrats voting against the motion. A total of 60 votes was needed to pass desperately needed aid for American families.

Even before the vote, McConnell highlighted the seriousness of voting upon in, presenting two distinct options that would result from two distinct choices.

“We’re going to vote on policy,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said on Thursday before the vote. “Today, every senator will either say they want to send families the relief we can agree to, or they can send families nothing. Nothing.” [Source: Breitbart]

Looks like the Democrats opted for nothing. Of course, Schumer was full of totally nonsense reasons as to why the bill wouldn’t pass, which lamely obscures the fact that the Democrats demanded a massive side of pork in return for their agreement, a level of pork somewhere north of the $1T level. His best excuse? Partisanship. What he leaves out, however, is which side is being absurdly partisan.

“This bill is not going to happen because it is so emaciated, so filled with poison pills, so partisanly designed. It was designed to fail,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said on Thursday. [Source: Breitbart]

Wow, Schumer, that rationale is astonishingly convincing. Not. Poison pills? Partisanly designed? How about an actual fact from the bill that you couldn’t stomach voting for?

Assuming Schumer actually bothered to read the measure, that is. Frankly, the most truthful comment he said was that “it was designed to fail,” and that’s mainly due to the fact that Democrats repel anything Trump designs, no matter how critical it is for the American people.

One would imagine that the Democrats should focus more on the American people during these times, but the Democrats have demonstrated an astonishingly poor grasp of what this country needs, above all its people.

Unfortunately, this is hardly the first time that the Democrats declined to help Americans, after their rather infamous refusal to deal in August. Rather than agree to compromise, the Democrats opted to go on vacation until September instead.

Back in August, McConnell made his feelings regarding this behavior very clear.

“They think they have political leverage over the president of the United States and so they’re willing to personally increase the pain for vulnerable families unless they get their way on matters not related to Covid,” McConnell claimed on the Senate floor. “Republicans wanted to agree on the things we could agree to. Democrats said our way or the highway.” [Source: Politico]

So, in other words, the Democrats latest spat last night is merely a repetition of the same supremely selfish behavior from August, as well as the exact type of behavior that would spur others on in favor of Trump.

Ironically, some of the most stressed out Americans live within liberal cities that are almost permanently shut down in one way or another. After all, Cuomo endlessly refused to allow in-door dining in New York City until a social distancing “task force” is created, despite the fact that several restaurants in the city have warned that they may imminently have to close down.

While Cuomo recently announced the restaurants would be allowed to serve at 25 percent capacity by September 30, one suspects any little uptick in virus figures will give Cuomo and other power-happy governors the gumption needed to arbitrarily close all businesses again (while riots prevail, of course).

Then of course over in the even more “out there” California, complete with its kooky celebrities, businesses have been arbitrarily closed while politicians’ personal interests remain open, of course. Who can forget Governor Newsome’s winery staying open while all others were forced to close, not to mention Pelosi’s rather ironic hair styling appointment … when lecturing all other Americans to stay in and just accept the closure of business.

One can only hope that Americans, in particular the undecided voters, will remember these antics well until November, wherein they can ultimately show the power-grabbing, people-suppressing Democrats where their priorities lie.

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