While the violent riots continue to dominate the fake news media, as well as most commentators’ attention, an even more sinister movement is taking place, insidiously pervading the public school curriculum without the public’s general awareness.

Initially a project undertaken by The New York Times magazine, the tenets of Project 1619 are now suffusing public school curriculums in certain areas of the nation, a suffusion that has been largely ignored in light of the antics in Portland and other liberal cesspools.

Until President Trump, one of the ultimate Patriots, drew attention to this dangerous project with a highly publicized tweet.

In case you are wondering about Trump’s vehement response to Project 1619, including the well-justified threat to yank federal funding from public schools that embrace such an insanely fictitious historical curriculum, read on further to learn about Project 1619 and exactly why it is such an imminent threat to the future minds of the increasingly impressionable American Youth.

Remember how the riots over the summer quickly devolved into destruction of statues, including the statues of black abolitionists, coupled with demands from the squad, notably Ms. Omar, who called for completely upending all American institutions, including the Constitution? More specifically, how all of these actions were nothing short of a call for a complete rewriting of American history, not to mention a replacement of the values that made the nation exceptional in the first place?

Well, the 1619 Project represents part of the fruition of these demands. This project calls for a complete revision of the way that history is taught in American schools, including the asinine assertion that the United States really began in 1619, when twenty slaves first arrived on American lands. In other words, the entire history of the United States is not based on freedom; it is based on slavery.

If that seems insane enough, what is even more insane is the “justification” given for the Revolutionary War, according to the architects of Project 1619. Rather than fighting to obtain liberation from Great Britain, historians associated with Project 1619 allege that the Revolutionary War was really fought to preserve the institution of slavery.

These astonishing claims are made in spite of substantive historical data and evidence that detail the real reasons underlying the American Revolution. After the British Parliament’s passage of the 1774 Intolerable Acts, which placed even greater authoritarian restrictions on the American colonies, the fledgling American colonies responded with a 1774 List of Grievances, including the absence of liberty that colonists were starting to experience under the heavy hand of the British monarchy, not to mention the infamous “taxation without representation.”

When the 1774 List of Grievances failed to gain serious traction with King George III, the presiding British authority at that time, the American Revolutionary War broke out in in 1775, ultimately concluding in 1783. However, the Declaration of Independence was passed in 1776, just a year into battle, and it was followed by the 1791 passage of the Bill of Rights, also known as the first ten amendments.

That’s what happened historically, and that was the real reason for the American Revolution. The purpose of the American Revolution was not to “maintain the institution of slavery,” particularly since Great Britain itself was making great use of slaves across all its colonies well into the first few decades of the 1800s, never mind the latter part of the 1700s.

Furthermore, if the objective of the Revolutionary War was to “maintain slavery,” suggesting that Great Britain opposed it, then why exactly were wealthy British merchants on the side of the Confederacy during the Civil War? No matter how much these historians attempt to spin, they will never be able to change the fact that multiple nations outside of the United States are guilty of slavery, and that the United States, believe it or not, is not the most evil country on the face of the planet.

Quite the contrary, in more respects than one.

Unfortunately, courtesy of the California public school system and The New York Times, this insanely inaccurate history “curriculum” for America’s youth is nothing short of a total takeover of American public education, not to mention a deliberate obfuscation of the true liberties and principles that this nation was founded upon.

Some historians have spoken up fiercely against this curriculum, arguing that ideology has begun to replace historical accuracy, which is quite the slippery slope in a free nation.

“In a letter to The New York Times itself, a number of prominent historians said that while they “applaud all efforts to address the foundational centrality of slavery and racism to our history,” the “1619 Project” twists “matters of verifiable fact” in ways that “cannot be described as interpretation or ‘framing’” and exhibits a complete “displacement of historical understanding by ideology.”

“These errors, which concern major events, cannot be described as interpretation or ‘framing,’” the historians wrote. “They are matters of verifiable fact, which are the foundation of both honest scholarship and honest journalism. They suggest a displacement of historical understanding by ideology. Dismissal of objections on racial grounds — that they are the objections of only ‘white historians’ — has affirmed that displacement.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Who else is notorious for such “displacement?” Yes, that would be Adolph Hitler and his Nazi regime, not to mention every other dictator in history that has had a vested interest in wiping out the past in favor of promoting a totalitarian ideology that everyone adheres to and no one questions.

Of course, the ruling class would consist of the champagne socialists who are clearly never satisfied by even 100 percent rates of taxation; in fact, nothing short of a total absence of liberty and complete obedience will even come close to satisfying them.

While Project 1916 likely will not attract extensive attention from the fake news media given how insane it hopefully still appears to most Americans outside of California and other extremist enclaves, it is critically important to remain abreast of any developments regarding this new and unimproved curriculum.

Democrats have done enough damage to the public schooling system through unionized incompetency and enormous fiscal waste, but the damage caused by Project 1619 would be irreparable in nature, if liberals get their wish.

Just say no to Project 1916.

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