Will he or won’t he? That’s the question about Biden on everyone’s mind after Pelosi has proclaimed that Biden should not debate Trump after all. While the Democrats are not exactly renowned for their consistency, the constant rhetoric on the debates is going a little too far … and arousing highly justified suspicion as to the mental competency of their candidate.

Pelosi has apparently gone into full scale panic mode upon realizing that swing states are not exactly swinging in favor of the Democrats’ platform of racism, lawlessness, and nonstop division. Then again, if Pelosi actually bothered to make an appearance somewhere outside of DC, New York, or California, perhaps she might learn a little bit more about the vastly, vastly greater population that constitutes the United States, much to the coastal elites’ dismay.

“I myself — don’t tell anybody I told you this. Especially don’t tell Joe Biden. I don’t think that there should be any debates …

“II do not think that the president of the United States has comported himself in a way that has any association with truth, evidence data, and facts,” she said. “I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with him nor a debate in terms of the presidency of the United States” [Source: Breitbart]

Uh, well, where to begin with those opening statements. First off, Joe Biden will obviously know if Pelosi is delivering this statement to the press. Or will he not know? Does his basement have access to the Internet? Or does he receive his “news” China-style from the Democratic Party? Maybe he really doesn’t “know” what Pelosi wants. Inquiring minds now want to know, after that bizarre statement.

In addition, Pelosi also basically admits she refuses to work with Trump at all by saying she would not “legitimize” a conversation with him, which effectively says she won’t work with him. When she’s Speaker of the House, that’s a serious problem, and it hurts no one more than Americans.

Pelosi of course continued to ramble on about the debates being nothing but “an exercise in skullduggery” and basically a bunch of other incredibly broad generalizations that curiously had no basis in the “facts” and “evidence” that she claims to care so much about.

Even more interestingly, Pelosi made these proclamations after Trump suggested Biden might be under the influence when he appears especially competent. Almost freakishly, powerfully competent. For a moment.

While Trump’s initial remarks regarding Biden’s potential use of adrenaline-boosters may have seemed odd to some observers when taken out of context, Pelosi’s incredibly aggressive, incredibly defensive response does lead one to wonder about what is really going on in Biden’s basement.

Furthermore, Giuliani released a rather pointed statement about Biden’s basement activities on August 6, preemptively ending any Democratic attempts to have an asynchronous, virtual debate wherein Biden could rely on his apparently needed notes and teleprompter cues.

“We must insist on a commitment that the two candidates will definitely appear on stage, in person – whether in a television studio without an audience or elsewhere – and not through separate, online transmissions where Mr. Biden could rely on notes, teleprompter, or handlers.

While we do understand that Mr. Biden has been sequestered in his basement in Wilmington, Delaware, for some time, President Trump still believes that the American people deserve to see the candidates for president side by side at some point.” [Source: Breitbart]

“Sequestered” in his basement. Priceless. Oh, and Pelosi? That’s what’s known as a “fact.” The “fact” is, your candidate hides from the public he’s supposed to represent.

The Trump campaign effort, which has proven to have a bit more zeal than the Democrats, also weighed in, with one tweet concisely stating absolutely priceless sentiment.

“Odd way” indeed. Other (less neutral) words also come to mind.

Fair point. In the fantasy land where Biden is president (may it remain a fantasy), will he be holding Zoom calls instead of in-person meetings with the likes of Xi and Putin instead? What a world that would rapidly become.

Fortunately, whether or not Biden chooses to debate will turn out well for Trump in either scenario. If Biden refuses to debate, he’s gone back on his word and his wife’s words, and essentially revealed that he can’t stand up against Trump. If he does debate, he won’t be able to stand up against Trump.

Bad news for the Dems. Great news for Americans.

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