The GOP Convention features an array of speakers that have gained great traction among viewers uninterested in Michelle’s melodrama or other DNC speakers, whose primary message was one of hatred, as well as one buried in the past.

Kim Klacik delivered a powerful speech at the RNC Convention about the horrific state of Baltimore under Democratic “leadership,’ and Nicholas Sandmann skewered the fake news media for attempting to “cancel” him. Now, GOP Senator Tim Scott, a highly educated, successful Black man has also thrown a massive curveball to the fake news media by revealing … the truth.

His entire speech is well worth reading, as he makes point after point in a highly organized fashion, not to mention the inclusion of several verifiable facts (which is far more than the fake news media can say about its own “reporting”).

Scott promotes his love of America shortly after the speech begins, citing the importance of America and the American family as critical factors that inspire his support of Trump.

“One of the lessons he taught me was to lean in to my country and lean in to what I believe in, and I think, without any question, President Trump has kicked off this convention by leaning in on the American family, wanting them to be passionate and to be expectant about what’s possible in our future and that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to talk about the next American century.” [Source: Fox News]

In one of the most powerful moments of the speech, a moment the fake news media will likely avoid just like they avoid anything else they cannot spin, Scott rips apart arguments regarding Trump’s “racism” and lists of a laundry list of facts regarding what Trump himself has done, not what he has said.

Scott makes his points extremely clear,

“A racist president does not provide the highest funding for HBCUs [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] in the history of the country and he certainly does not make that funding permanent. A racist president does not take Opportunity Zones and provide up to $75 billion of private-sector dollars for the most distressed people in the country. A racist president simply does not create 7 million jobs and make sure two-thirds of those jobs go to African-Americans, Hispanics and women.” [Source: Fox News]

Hm. Where were all these stories on CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, …? Oh, that’s right. They’re not there. Or, if they are, they’re buried somewhere deep, deep beyond “news” masquerading as “facts.” Attacks, rather than facts, dominate the leftist mob.

However, one of the really powerful moments of Scott’s speech includes the moments seen by just a privileged few, including the extraordinary level of dedication that Trump shows individual families.

“Watching the president be patient and listen and hear what they were saying, feel their pain, and empathize with them was one of the most remarkable experiences I’ve had in the lifetime,” Scott said. “Our president sat there for over an hour and listened to the victims’ families and that’s the kind of president, the heart of what it makes to be a good president.” [Source: Fox News]

So much for Trump “eating McDonald’s all day watching Fox News” or whatever other asinine accusation that the left likes to hurl at him on a daily basis. Trump does more for Americans than all the fake news commentators combined ever will.

Scott is undoubtedly referencing the time when Trump called the father of a Seattle CHOP victim. This phone call completely stunned the father, who noted that the Mayor of Seattle didn’t bother to call him, but the President of the United States did.

Trump has also received periodic press coverage for his direct involvement with American families, though the fake news media is sure to avoid any glowing reviews of this activity. Notice how the fake news media almost always reports on what Trump says (taken out of context), rather than what he actually does?

Scott also pointed out the importance of showing compassion but not rushing to judgment. In strong contrast to Biden who basically called the cops guilty less than 24 hours after the unfortunate incident occurred, Scott stresses a balance of compassion and fact gathering, noting “most importantly, let’s pray for the family. Let’s be patient for all the facts to come out so that we make a strong and clear determination with all the facts.”

Translation: Scott believes in due process, a rather fundamental element of the American justice system, as well as an element that is virtually nonexistent in most of the nations throughout the world.

Since they will never be satisfied, can’t the Democrats please just move to one of those countries rather than try to destroy the greatest nation in human history? They have many to choose from, after all. Dozens and dozens, really.

Nations like the United States? Not so much.

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