The RNC Convention started out with a bang last night, easily exceeding the energy expressed by the rather tired DNC and their even more tired promotion of hatred. Rather than mining from history to excavate political relics of the past, such as Clinton and Obama, the RNC features a combination of fresh, exciting faces alongside political stalwarts.

One of these fresh, exiting faces is the one that belongs to Kimberly Klacik, a rising star in the GOP and a long-term resident of Baltimore. African-American, highly educated, and completely poised, Klacik represents the opposite of the hate-filled AOC and Omar, not to mention Pelosi, Clinton, Harris, Obama, and … and the list goes on too far.

Her speech, which was played during the first night of the RNC, is powerful and truthful, one that inspires all Americans and presents a hopeful path forward for the future.

“Let me remind you,” she said, “the Democrats have controlled this part of Baltimore City for over 50 years, and they have run this beautiful place right into the ground …”

“Sadly, the same cycle of decay exists in many of America’s Democrat-run cities, and yet, the Democrats still assume that black people will vote for them no matter how much they let us down and take us for granted. We’re sick of it. We’re not gonna take it anymore,” she added. “The days of blindly supporting the Democrats are coming to an end …”

“I’m asking you to help President Trump complete this great American comeback, and then I’m asking you to help me start this great Baltimore comeback.” [Source: The Washington Examiner]

What a speech, and what a stroke of brilliance to feature her on the first night!

Klacik is also becoming known for being more popular than Michelle Obama, as her viral video regarding the real state of Baltimore, including the total indifference from Democratic “leadership” was more popular than Ms. Obama’s speech at the DNC. In truth, this fact is a bit unsurprising, given Obama’s weepy, melodramatic speech that blasted Trump for his supposedly terrible immigration policies, the same policies that her own husband ironically initiated in the first place.

Sorry, Ms. Obama. Americans are ready for a “change” from your melodrama.

On the other hand, Klacik provides hope for a brighter future, and she lists a veritable laundry list of facts regarding the violent environment of Baltimore, which has been run by Democrats for more than 53 years. In sharp contrast to the likes of Ms. Obama, Klacik is a true public servant who recognized the lies that the Democrats have told African-Americans for years.

Undoubtedly infuriated by comments such as, “you ain’t black” and a number of other elitist statements that clearly take the African-American vote for granted, Klacik has taken the GOP by storm and caught the attention of Trump, whose instinct, as usual, is impeccable. Featuring her at the RNC Convention was a stroke of genius, and it also makes the fake news’s claims over Trump’s “racism” even more absurd.

No wonder CNN cut out of the RNC Convention abruptly. Nothing is more dangerous for the Communist News Network than the truth. And, speaking of the aforementioned melodrama, CNN made Ms. Obama look almost reasonable when they proclaimed Trump’s opening night speech is akin to Pontius Pilate.

Eh, ok. Back to Klacik.

Furthermore, Ms. Klacik presents her points in a vastly more articulate manner than the likes of AOC, who claimed all the looting was over “stealing bread” to feed starving families. While Tiffany & Co. might not be the best place to by “bread” for families, just about any insanity goes in the AOC world. Unless, of course, AOC was referring to the “bread” boasted about by rappers, a metaphor for money. Not totally out of the ballpark, considering AOC’s rather constant social media updates accompanied by violent hip hop.

While Ms. Klacik may be “a long shot” in the Baltimore election, she is certainly gaining greater traction on a national scale, and an upset in Baltimore would be truly indicative of general public sentiment regarding the constant violence and destruction in Democrat-“led” cities.

Much like Candace Owens, Kimberly Klacik is consistent and passionate, and she also uses facts, rather than hysterical emotions, to guide her political philosophy. Consequently, her political philosophy is vastly more solid as a result.

Keep an eye on Kimberly Klacik in the coming years, as she may truly be a political game changer. And she is certainly one who will KAG in 2020!

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