If there is one thing that can be proven from Biden’s acceptance speech, it can be that he really has been hiding in his basement for the past several months. Apparently without a connection to the Internet or cable TV, considering how many of the Democrats’ sins he faulted President Trump for.

He begins his speech with a level of effusion that would normally be cringeworthy, but it is now downright offensive in its utter hypocrisy.

“Give people light. Those are words for our time.

The current president has cloaked America in darkness for much too long. Too much anger. Too much fear. Too much division. Here and now, I give you my word: If you entrust me with the presidency, I will draw on the best of us not the worst. I will be an ally of the light not of the darkness.” [Source: CNN]

“Give people light.” Really? Not only does that sound like it’s ripped straight out of a sermon delivered via Zoom (perhaps it was), but it also demonstrates a rather frightening detachment with the reality of the United States now.

Biden apparently forgot the fact that the governor of California is literally terminating the light, in the form of “rolling blackouts” for residents that are apparently “disobeying” rather draconian state orders. Or, some blackouts can apparently occur for just for no reason whatsoever, typical of a communist regime. However, afterhours looting is acceptable, of course, since it calls attention to “injustice.”

In addition, Biden also better watch it with the dark v. light commentary, given that it is his party that has gone downright hysterical over skin pigmentation, not the Republicans. He may get called out by a really radical leftist for promoting white supremacy by siding with “light” over “dark.” As asinine as that may seem to sane people, it’s really no more insane than having a Norwegian flag removed because it appears to be “similar” to a Confederate flag.

Furthermore, Biden’s discussion of Trump’s promotion of hatred and division really makes no sense whatsoever. After all, Trump is the one who has repeatedly said “all Americans,” and Trump is the one actually working towards a solution for “all Americans,” including the ones who hate him and literally wish death upon him.

Trump, unlike the Democrats, doesn’t discriminate.

Much of the speech is filled with similar platitudes, and unsurprisingly devoid of any real plan with real numbers.

However, the crowning moment of the speech occurs near the end, when Biden delivers the most truthful statement of the entire message.

“There’s never been anything we’ve been able to accomplish when we’ve done it together” [Source: Breitbart]

Well, Mr. Biden, you certainly won’t hear any protests to the contrary on this end. If there is one thing the Democrats have proven over the past few years, it is exactly that: an inability to accomplish anything, including a basic campaign platform for 2020.

After all, the Democrats have worked tirelessly for the past several years to “prove” a collusion with Russia, only for it to blow up spectacularly in their faces. They also channeled all their efforts into an impeachment, even when it meant ignoring what was then a new virus unsurprisingly released from China.

Most importantly, the Democrats have also failed in their “Never Trump” nonsense, with Trump’s popularity ironically soaring shortly after Ms. Harris delivered her uninspiring messages loaded with platitudes, including how Biden will apparently beat the pandemic. That will be interesting to achieve from a basement, but stranger things have happened.

Ultimately, Biden’s highly scripted speech, which runs totally contrary to reality of Democrat practices today, should be even more of an impetus to vote for Trump. His most truthful statement was quickly corrected by the closed captioning, yet out of all the gaffes to make, that one was perhaps the most Freudian in nature.

It is difficult to say what exacly Biden thinks or feels, or for that matter, even knows anymore, given that we seem to hear far more from Pelosi, AOC, and undoubtedly Harris in the next few months.

Heck, we hear more about what the Obamas and Clintons have to say than what the Bidens have to say! It does make one wonder … who is really running for 2020?

Just like companies such as Nike and Goodyear will proclaim tolerance on the surface yet practice the opposite in private, or what they think to be private, the Democratic party appears to have Biden as its official candidate, but in the terms of who they really plan to have running things … well, that thought is a bit scary.

Fortunately, judging from the terrible ratings of the DNC Convention, not to mention the fact that Kimberly Klacik trumped Michelle Obama’s speech, an especially satisfying statistic for President Trump.

November can’t come soon enough …

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