At last, President Trump has finally called out what the rest of the reasonably balanced citizens of this nation have been saying for ages: If COVID-19 is as deadly as Democrats claim it is (in spite of the rapidly declining hospitalization rates, which they are predictably silent about), then how in the world could riots or “peaceful protests” be permitted to be carried on endlessly?

President Trump called out the hypocrisy to great agreement from the public.

“IF YOU CAN PROTEST IN PERSON, YOU CAN VOTE IN PERSON!” Trump tweeted Tuesday morning.” [Source: Fox News]

Donald Trump Jr. echoed his father’s assertions, taking them an even further:

“Wednesday, Trump Organization executive vice president Donald Trump, Jr., son of President Donald Trump, had a message for Democrats that decry the current elections process while also supporting the ongoing violent protests that have included looting and rioting across the country: “If you can loot in person, you can vote in person.” [Source: Breitbart]

Pelosi will undoubtedly have some snide comment available to the public shortly, but nothing she will say can hide the truth.

While Pelosi has never exactly been known for her consistency or impeccable moral compass, she has been especially transparent this year in some rather hypocritical moves. After all, she went from largely denouncing AOC to basically agreeing with her, showing about as much commitment to serious issues as Ms. Harris.

She refused to agree to a coronavirus deal with Trump despite the millions of Americans who are still hurting, and she had no issue flouncing off to yet another extravagant vacation. Trump, on the other hand, remained behind in D.C. to issue executive orders to help the Americans that Pelsoi refused to help.

Now, all of the sudden, Pelosi wants to call for a special session about the supposed corruption of the USPS. First, Trump colluded with Russia. Now, he is apparently colluding with the USPS. If there is one thing that the Democrats are consistent about, it’s trying to find every possible boogeyman that could have colluded with Trump, even when these chases turn up exactly nothing, aside from evidence of the Democrats’ own collusion.

Regardless, Trump and his son have it absolutely correct when it comes to the Democratic hypocrisy on voting, especially when they’ve all but commanded police to stand down and let rioters “express themselves” and “their feelings.”

Those events were not exactly following social distancing guidelines, particularly when “protestors” were filmed brutally beating people who dared not to think in the exact same militant way that they do. Nor was social distancing observed amongst the screaming masses who stampeded through the streets, breaking glass, blowing up police cars, and generally leaving areas uninhabitable.

Voting, on the other hand, already requires for people to remain socially distant from one another as individuals vote within their own private booths. Furthermore, masks could clearly be worn in a voting facility. Between the natural social distancing, not to mention the masks, shouldn’t voters be safe anyway? After all, the only concrete guideline that Biden and Harris managed to come up with was to “wear masks” for three months outside, so if these masks are such the protection Biden and Harris claim they are, then surely they can work equally effectively inside a polling facility.

Furthermore, demanding exactly three months of mask-wearing is a bit obvious. Is the implication that if Biden/Harris were to win, COVID-19 would suddenly no longer be an issue? They would have been better off saying to wear marks “for the time being” or something a bit less obvious.

When reviewing COVID-19 regulations around the world, it is clear that pretty much every nation aside from the United States is working towards a clear exit strategy. Multiple European nations have bene gradually reopening their borders, and Brazil and the UAE have now opened their borders to all tourists, with some restrictions in place for the UAE. China’s economy is presently roaring, which would be enough material to cover an entirely different article (or book).

Even Sweden, which is well known as one of the most socialist states in Europe, has given much more freedom of movement to its citizens, and its relative success in dealing with the virus has been avoided by the fake news media for rather obvious reasons. Who would have ever thought that Sweden would have had more freedom than the United States at any point in time? Well, when a bunch of loudmouth Democrats effectively control the media, it is clear just how dangerous they really are in terms of taking away people’s liberties.

The United States, on the other hand, thanks to the fake media, will likely deal with nonstop COVID-19 drama until the November 2020 election. And if the silent majority prevails against Democratic corruption, then it is likely the fake news media will probably try to turn COVID-19 into some bubonic plague that requires everyone to never leave their homes for the next four years.

The difference is that after November 2020, most people will have wised up to the fake news media, especially when evaluating the much saner COVID-19 policies in place in other countries.

Liberty will win, no matter how frequently the Democrats try to undermine it.

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