Did you hear that COVID-19 hospitalizations are now dropping back down towards levels not seen since March, when the pandemic first arrived on American shores? It’s understandable if you didn’t hear this information yet.

After all, the fake news media is busily scrambling to hide the truth about the pandemic, when they aren’t making excuses for Biden’s increasingly disastrous public gaffes, and actual data and facts tend to contravene the party narrative of ongoing death and destruction with no end in sight. The riots have brought about far more monetary destruction, yet they were bizarrely permitted during a time in which liberals proclaimed that churches needed to be shut down due to social distancing.

The reality is that the Democratic response to the riots alone should reveal that even they know the truth about the virus. After all, if it is as deadly and virulent as they claim, then as responsible politicians, they should have told the rioters, or “peaceful protestors,” to cease their activities until the pandemic ends. Yet they haven’t done so, even when states were reporting sky high rates of infection.

These actions are right in line with the party line, which is nonstop hypocrisy. Wailing about Trump for “locking kids in cages,” when he is merely following the precedent set forth by Obama. Raging about churches spreading the virus while thousands in close quarters cause havoc in liberal cities across the nation, night after night. Demanding the defunding of police despite 80% of Black Americans indicating they do not support these actions.

In terms of the pandemic, Democrats either truly believe it is deadly, or they know it is not as deadly as they claim. If they truly believe it is deadly, then questions are rasied as to why they did not speak out after months and months of endless “protests.” If they do not believe it is deadly, then they have deliberately violated every single American’s liberties guaranteed under the Constitution.

In fact, in true Democrat style, they’ve amped up the restrictions. Not only are they suffocating free speech, but they are now trying to suffocate people’s physical movements. Frighteningly, that’s little more than a (tiny) hop, skip, and a jump away from Communist China, which initiated all this mess in the first place with the help of the utterly corrupt WHO.

The Democrats and their likely Chinese masters do not want anyone to know the truth about the virus at all, from its origins to the degree of its true seriousness. After all, COVID-19 is nothing like Ebola, which also happens to be raging away in Africa at the moment. Yet the fake news media is completely silent about this tragedy that truly is destroying Black lives. For that matter, African nations are greatly suffering due to inability to export, thanks to the draconian shutdowns across Europe and America, which naturally weaken demand for food imports.

One would think that the Democrats would focus some attention on this travesty, given how much they claim to care about Black lives, but a focus on Ebola would also reveal that COVID-19 is not even remotely as deadly as they try to make it out to be. Per the CDC, over 5.5 million Africans were infected across three different countries in the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak, with a 40% mortality rate. Furthermore, this outbreak was in West Africa, extremely close to Europe, yet back then there wasn’t even a hint of discussion regarding lockdowns or serious travel restrictions.

Then again, Obama was also President during this period, and the fake news media falsely assumed that Hillary Clinton would easily win the election. After the silent majority stunned the coastal elites in 2016, they’ve been scrambling ever since to come up with anything and everything to take “control” back, but it is likely too late for them now.

No matter which position they hold, it is clear that the Democrats have exploited this virus for nothing but pathetic attempts at political gain in the final months before the 2020 election. And this time they’ve really pulled out all the stops: Not only is the fake news media featuring nothing but a nonstop, fact-less assault on President Trump, but they have also taken advantage of the pandemic to shut down businesses, restrict people from leaving their houses, and basically rob people of their liberties.

The above image is not one that you will see anytime soon on the fake news media, but it is one to have in mind when it comes to making reasonable, facts-based decisions. Of course, sensible precautions must be taken, but the above image does not exactly justify people remaining hidden in homes for the rest of their lives, separated from family, friends, and loved ones.

Needless to say, no prominent Democrat is suggesting any sort of an exit strategy.

However, the great news is that Americans truly are becoming safer from the virus, and if they allow themselves to be guided by the facts, rather than the fake news hysteria, they will be well on their ways towards a more normal life after the severe, Democrat-induced disruption over the past several months.

If anything, these lockdowns likely empowered the silent majority, not to mention added to its growing population.

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