Just when you thought liberals couldn’t sink any lower, they have managed to do just that in the aftermath of the tragic passing of President Trump’s beloved brother and best friend.

Robert Trump, President Trump’s younger brother, tragically passed away at age 71 in a New York Hospital. President Trump had just been visiting the hospital, providing little detail to the media’s incessant hounding upon his exit. The following day, Robert Trump passed away, devasting President Trump. The devastation is particularly acute during a time in which he already faces unrelenting attacks from the fake news media and its rabid public adherents.

President Trump paid the most beautiful homage available to his brother, issuing a statement that honored his legacy and underscored the degree of pain he felt upon his passing.

“He was not just my brother, he was my best friend,” Trump said in a statement. “He will be greatly missed, but we will meet again … His memory will live on in my heart forever. Robert, I love you. Rest in peace.” [Source: Breitbart]

One would think that even a modicum of human decency within a raving liberal would enable them to restrain their vicious commentary for once. They clearly refuse to ever respect President Trump’s children, including adolescent Barron, as well Trump’s quiet wife, the embodiment of class, particularly relative to her predecessor.

However, liberals have proven they apparently do not have even an iota of decency left, which means they immediately seized upon Trump’s grief and his brother’s death to jeer at the one President who has consistently looked out for all Americans since his election.

Shortly after the news of Robert’s passing hit the media, the disgustingly virulent hashtag #wrongtrump began trending on Twitter, otherwise known as a cesspool that masquerades as an open-minded source of communication. While many Hollywood celebrities and other vile types predictably jumped on the Trump-hating bandwagon, the commentary from a presumably Christian leader is even more stunning.

Bishop Talbert Swan, whose Twitter page proclaims his blanket support of BLM and all the violent tactics it uses, made a cold announcement on Twitter: “Dear Grim Reaper, you took the #wrongtrump.”

Not only is the above message indicative of a total absence of interest in unity, it also reveals the truly evil intentions that people have towards President Trump, which are based on exactly nothing aside from fake news lies they willingly choose to buy into (or become brainwashed into).

Fortunately, the top replies to the supposed Bishop, many of which were written by Black Twitter users, scorned the attitude of the Bishop and called him out for the vile, vicious, hateful race-baiting “leader” that he is.

As seen in the image above, Twitter user McKayla called out the Bishop for his blatant wolf in sheep’s clothing demeanor. His response to McKayla further reveals his hateful nature, as he dodges his hypocrisy and instead attacks her family. Fairly predictable move, considering personal attacks are all the liberals appear to be capable of these days.

Another Twitter user also scorned the Bishop’s vicious nature; the Bishop’s response was an unintelligible, indecipherable video that failed to garner anywhere near the number of likes that Mr. Feider’s sage commentary received (for reference, the supposed Bishop’s ignorant reply attracted only 6% of the likes that Mr. Feider’s did, further illuminating the increasingly enraged silent majority who will make their voices known in November).

The main saving grace is the “Bishop’s” obvious hate towards anyone who opposes his views, even when they are Black, undermines his “#wrongtrump” malarkey and reveals the blackness of the most deranged anti-Trumpers’ hearts. Furthermore, given his rather loud proclamations regarding his support for BLM, he is also revealing the truly despicable nature at the heart of the movement, which will never be satisfied with any concessions received.

Twitter, of course, which is quick to fact President Trump over nonsense, let the hatred and sedition circulate like mad on its platform. Should the same event have occurred with Obama, chances are excellent that Twitter would elect a different response, probably in the form of permanently deleting accounts and turning over especially dangerous violators to the news.

Amazingly, even Joe Biden, who otherwise says a series of nasty, unfounded statements about Trump, had the decency to reach out and offer his condolences. These condolences represent a rare moment of empathy on Biden’s behalf, which seems especially surprising given the vicious bile circulating on Twitter. As wonderful as it would be if Biden continues along a more sensitive path, his horrid choice of a vile running mate renders that possibility highly unlikely.

“Mr. President, Jill and I are sad to learn of your younger brother Robert’s passing,” Biden tweeted Sunday morning. “I know the tremendous pain of losing a loved one — and I know how important family is in moments like these.” [Source: Fox News]

Fortunately, in light of a stunning new CNN poll, it seems most Americans are getting really sick of the Democrats’ vile behavior, including independents and even some liberal-leaning voters.

There is hope! KAG 2020!

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