While the Democrats are off frolicking on their personal, multiple week vacations, President Trump has remained behind in Washington DC, tirelessly working while the Democrats are endlessly whining. And that work has paid off, which Trump proudly announced on Twitter.

This deal is so stunning that it almost appears to be a dream, although it isn’t. The end result of this deal is a full normalization of the relationship between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel, who cited the “diplomatic breakthrough” as the result of Trump’s persistent pursuit of peace for the region, which stands in stark contrast to the Democrats’ support of extreme division and violence within America’s largest cities.

Of course, the Democrats have nothing tangible to show for their efforts. Trump, on the other hand, has received worldwide recognition for his movement towards peace.

“This historic diplomatic breakthrough will advance peace in the Middle East region and is a testament to the bold diplomacy and vision of the three leaders and the courage of the United Arab Emirates and Israel to chart a new path that will unlock the great potential in the region,” the statement read. “All three countries face many common challenges and will mutually benefit from today’s historic achievement.” [Source: Fox News]

Of course, the peace deal is a nightmare to exactly no one, except the America-hating individuals that have subsumed the Democrat Party.

In sharp contrast to Trump, Ms. Pelosi took several days to make the predictable announcement that she would refuse to agree to any coronavirus relief package unless the Republicans agreed to her $2T price tag. That price tag posited by the Democrats also predictably includes enormous funding set aside for the U.S. Postal Service, all to encourage mass mail-in fraud, otherwise known as “voting” to the likes of Biden and Harris.

Speaking of Biden, he and his dull-minded staff apparently could not come up with a sufficient criticism of Trump’s peace deal, despite having the fake news media at their permanent disposal. So, instead Biden praises the deal, but he does not praise Trump. According to Biden, it was Obama who was ultimately responsible for the peace deal.

As hysterical as that sounds, Biden is actually quite serious in his statements, which only his equally delusional followers would believe. In fact, Obama is the one who received a Nobel Peace Prize for accomplishing exactly nothing, unless dropping tens of thousands of bombs on the Middle East and North Africa and endangering intelligence officers in Libya is an example of “peace.”

Imagine that outcry if Trump had done even 10% of what Obama really did in international affairs. However, Trump is an entirely different individual than Obama.

Obama is a celebrity politician who happily accepted $400,000+ speeches after leaving the Oval Office (hey, that White House salary wouldn’t have been enough for those $15M mansions). In sharp contrast, Trump is a public servant who has has worked nonstop at truly making, and keeping, America great.

Needless to say, the only achievement Obama has to his name is being one of the biggest empty suits to ever occupy the Oval Office, as well as being one of the most persistent, meddling influences in Washington DC after leaving the Oval Office. Whereas former Presidents took off for the peace of their home states, as George W. Bush did with his ranch in Texas, Obama swallowed up mega-million dollar mansions in DC and Martha’s Vineyard.

Fortunately, history will remember Obama as the one who caused havoc in the Middle East and North Africa, from Syria to Libya and beyond.

Trump, on the other hand, will be remembered as the one who brokered a peace deal that just might bring lasting change to the region. In fact, he’s already received recognition from both leaders in the Middle East, with the Israeli Prime Minister and Crown Prince noting their “deep appreciation to President Trump for his dedication to peace in the region and the pragmatic, unique approach he has taken to achieve it.”

Notice who is missing from that statement? Both Obama and Biden. Biden can spout off all he wants about how he and Obama are really responsible for peace, but the leaders of these other countries beg to differ.

This agreement is just one of the many, many achievements that more than justify casting a ballot for Trump in 2020.

Keep America Great!

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