De Blasio just might have hit a new low in his ongoing battle against Trump. Furious that he can’t just turn on the spigot of federal money whenever he chooses, De Blasio has now demanded that Trump give him federal funds, or he will lay off tens of thousands of New York City’s public workers.

Let that sink in for a minute. An ultraliberal mayor of one of the most liberal cities of the nation, one that has elected the likes of AOC as a public representative, had demanded that Trump fix a mess that is entirely of his own creation.

De Blasio argues that the city cannot afford to keep paying its personnel, railing vaguely against all the “cuts” that are making it increasingly impossible to fund the salaries of essential public workers, including teachers, police, firefighters, and others tasked with serving and protecting society.

“The overwhelming cost of local government is personnel. Where we put our money is into the people who provide services to New Yorkers, whether they’re first responders, health care workers, sanitation workers, educators, you name it,” de Blasio said.

“If you’re going to keep cutting and keep cutting, it has to at some point reach personnel. It’s just pure logic of budgets, and it’s very sad logic. I don’t like it one bit, and I want to avert this at all costs. So that 22,000 number is painfully real,” he continued. [Source: The Blaze]

Even more hilariously, De Blasio has also been shot down by the state of New York in his request for state money, which shows that even Cuomo agrees with Trump.

Perhaps De Blasio should focus more on his own actions than his petulant demands for federal funds. For that matter, perhaps De Blasio should also focus on his wife’s own actions, particularly her inability to detail where $850 of public monies went last year after they were allocated to yet another pet vanity project of hers. Safe to say a large chunk of that money never reached the mentally ill patients it was supposed to support.

In other words, the mess that New York City is in has been a direct result of De Blasio’s incompetence and fraudulent behavior. In addition, the insidious behavior of his money-hungry wife certainly exacerbated the degree of fiscal mismanagement in the city. This year has revealed that both are not only criminals in terms of fiscal mismanagement, but also in their direct support of violent criminals that require so many policeman in the first place.

De Blasio immediately jumped on the “Defund Police” bandwagon, which are likely the only real “cuts” he was referring to earlier. He allowed tens of thousands of criminals to destroy businesses through arson and looting, and he looked the other way as his police force was violently attacked by criminals.

In addition, De Blasio also apparently forgot that he abruptly decided to run for President of the United States, which was perhaps an even greater vanity project than Ross Perot’s. Ultimately, De Blasio achieved nothing aside from revealing that even New Yorkers didn’t support his ill-fated run for President. That’s quite telling.

In truth, De Blasio is responsible for destroying the city that Rudy Giuliani worked tirelessly to improve. While New York was riddled with crime and homelessness in the 90s, Giuliani transformed the city into a prosperous urban center that would not tolerate crime.

Most importantly of all, New Yorkers united as one after 9/11 under Giuliani’s leadership. In fact, Giuliani received high praise for his handling of 9/11, as New Yorkers of all stripes and backgrounds united and emerged stronger than ever after the worst terrorist attack to ever occur on US soil.

Imagine if De Blasio had been mayor during 9/11 instead. That’s just about as terrifying as his failed presidential run, which flamed out in a spectacular fashion.

Trump, as a fellow New Yorker, recognized the value and dedication in Giuliani’s work as a public servant. Thus, it is highly unsurprising that both are allied now, given their respective problem-solving natures. Rather than whine and throw a tantrum like overgrown child De Blasio, Trump and Giuliani work forward towards solutions, rather than backwards towards reparations.

De Blasio is one of the most dangerous politicians in the game today, and one can only hope that New Yorkers will have enough sense throw him out of office in November 2021.

Then, he can enjoy sitting at home watching Trump continue to win while he continues to sulk.

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