A bicycle shop in Austin, Texas, owned by Lance Armstrong says it is terminating a contract with the local police department.

“In the context of the current evaluation of community policing in Austin, we have decided to no longer purchase, re-sell and service police-issue Trek bikes and accessories under a City of Austin RFP [Request For Proposal] the shop was previously awarded,” Armstong’s Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop said in a series of social media posts this week.

The shop was awarded a contract worth more than $300,000 in 2019 by the city to provide bikes to the police department for officer use.

Officers have used bicycles while performing crowd control during recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the city.

The bike shop, which Armstrong opened in 2008, wanted to stop doing business with the police because officers were using their products during the demonstrations, local television station KXAN reported.

“Businesses can no longer be non-participants in the communities they serve,” an account with the same name as an Austin police officer whose name is on the contract with the shop, the station reported. “We chose what we think will do the most to suture these divides and place our community on the right side of history.”

Late last month, a man was shot and killed in Austin near a Black Lives Matter protest.

Author: Dominick Mastrangelo

Source: Washington Examiner: Lance Armstrong’s bike shop scraps deal with police department following Black Lives Matter protest

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