Is hypocrisy becoming an internal contest in the Democratic party that no one is aware of, including themselves? In a rather stunning display of high level crybaby behavior over the weekend, the Democrats began to spout off about how “unconstitutional” Trump was for daring to take measures such as payroll tax cuts.

You know, the measures designed to help hurting Americans and put money in their pocket while helping them get back to work. A perfect reasonable, workable solution, one of many put forth by President Trump.

That means the Democrats felt the need to attack Trump’s solution to their nonstop heel-dragging immediately.

Guess helping working Americans would be unconstitutional under the Democrat domain, considering that is a domain in which people barely work in exchange for total subservience to the Party for the rest of their lives, both in the public and private sphere, a la 1984.

One would think that the Democrats would be valiantly attempting to do everything within their power to provide relief to the Americans whose votes they’ll be depending on in November, which, admittedly, is an increasingly smaller number as time passes.

However, Schumer, along with all the other lemmings, has decided to go after Trump instead of work with Trump.

“We have this huge crisis, the largest economic crisis since the depression, the greatest health crisis since the pandemic. Unfortunately, the president’s executive orders described in one word could describe paltry. The event at the country club is what Trump does, a big show but it doesn’t do anything, as the American people look at these executive orders they don’t come close to doing the job.

One, what they proposed and second what’s left out. What’s proposed. On the unemployment benefit, first, the $600 a week has been very successful, it’s kept millions of people out of poverty, pumped more money into the economy, consumer spending is probably the best thing in the economy.” [Source: Breitbart]

You know what else leads to consumer spending, Schumer? Working. In addition, as observed by Ted Cruz, it’s also kept millions of people unwilling to return to restaurant jobs in which they didn’t clear $600 per week.

Alas, that did not stop Schumer from waxing poetically about all the snowflakes and liberals who suddenly have a drive to work at something aside from toppling statutes and attacking police.

“Americans want to work. With 10%, 11% unemployment, you can’t find a job and people shouldn’t be given a pay cut. Second, this is an unworkable plan. Most states will take months to implement it because it’s brand new, sort of put together with cut and paste. To boot, it depletes the hurricane trust fund to defer this money to pay for this money at a time when we’re at the height of hurricane season.” [Source: Breitbart]

Americans want to work, huh? Sorry, Democrats, but setting police stations on fire and blocking up roadways doesn’t count as “work,” nor does expecting indefinite $600/week payouts expected to be “work” either.

Furthermore, 10% or 11% unemployment is not exactly near the 20%+ unemployment plaguing socialist European nations for multiple years that Democrats are so eager to emulate (and then some), yet those Europeans still manage to find work somewhere, or attempt to. However, the reality of numbers has never kept Democrats from spouting off what’s best for everyone else.

And, by the way, Schumer, it’s probably best to drop the reference to “hurricane season,” considering the leftist politicians of Minnesota just requested hundreds of millions in FEMA relief for riots they refused to deal with. Somehow that seems to be a more inappropriate use of FEMA funds.

Schumer is hardly the only one spouting off his mouth, as Pelosi is also railing about how unconstitutional Trump is. Apparently, Ms. Pelosi forgot that Ms. Omar and her communist cohorts in the ultra-left squad have already demanded the abolition of the Constitution. Pelosi needs to find a new insult, but that would require a tad more critical thinking than the identically tired talking points she’s been given for the past several years.

And, of course, Hilary Clinton, perhaps the sorest loser the world has ever witnessed on such a grand scale, has chimed in about Trump’s supposed corruption and unconstitutionality. Last time anyone checked, Trump wasn’t the one stealing millions from Haiti’s earthquake relief in 2010, which is precisely why a number of Haitians gathered outside one of the Clintons’ many glass towers to demand justice for their nation.

In this video, the speaker proclaims they do not want “a liar for President,” particularly after millions to help some of the poorest people on the planet vanished into the Clinton coffers. And the Democrats still wonder why Clinton had a tepid response from minorities.

All of the hatred being loaded on Trump, of course, is over payroll tax cuts. You know, the type of tax cuts that actually put more money in workers’ pockets while they’re working. Letting the Bush-era payroll tax cut expire was yet another bonehead move by Obama, one that the Democrats are eager to effectively duplicate during one of the worst economic crises in the United States, which was directly caused by a foreign power hellbent on seeing Trump voted out of office.

Seems like even Democrats know this, as evidenced by the inconvenient discovery of 20,000 American drivers’ licenses made in China and confiscated in Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Charming.

If Democrats can’t even cram in enough violent, illegal immigrants who are given full reign to vote in “sanctuary cities,” then it seems they’ve moved on to just inventing people entirely.

If that sounds like a passage straight out of George Orwell’s 1984, it is. A hallmark of Big Brother in 1984 was not only the constant surveillance, and not only the historical revisions … but also the historical additions.

Ultra-leftists like to say that this election is about choosing between sanity or insanity. Seems more like it’s voting between the lies or the truth, and by default, no freedom or freedom.

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