While the fake news media continues to spin itself into a leftist oblivion, President Trump is ignoring the noise and soldiering forward for the American people. While the leftist rioters and snowflakes continue to make various self-aggrandizing statements on social media, President Trump has continued to take actual actions towards improving the United States, not only now, but well into the future.

At the Whirlpool Convention in Ohio, President Trump unveiled six campaign promises that would send any hardworking American’s heart soaring. These promises not only show a thoughtful engagement with issues that truly trouble the American people, but also the consistency of focus that has marked Trump’s campaign since he first began his serious entry into politics in 2015.

The six promises that the American people can depend on if President Trump is re-elected to a second term include the following:

1. He will defeat coronavirus

2. He will return the economy to its pre-coronavirus level of success

3. He will transform the U.S. into the world’s greatest producer of medical products

4. He will simplify the complex global supply chains that dominate modern business

5. He will use all available economic tools to bring back manufacturing jobs

6. He will always put the American worker first

Notice what’s missing from those six promises? Divisiveness.

Nowhere does Trump say anything about prolonging racial division, nor does he talk about fundamentally dismantling America, nor does he talk about any of the other topics that can only ever be discussed in a totally sheltered university that depends entirely on federal funds, along with extortion of student debt, to operate.

Isn’t it ironic that for institutions that are so anti-slavery, universities seem to have no problem at all enslaving students to a life of debt after receiving an education that will not exactly put them at the forefront of the most demanded professionals in the work world?

No, President Trump doesn’t make promises based on divisiveness because he doesn’t depend on division in order to win: He knows that real actions and effective change are what ultimately transform people’s lives. He also makes it clear that these promises are applicable to all Americans; race, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and a whole range of other distinguishing characteristics are immaterial.

Trump understands what transforms society, something that the fake news media and Democrats still haven’t been able to wrap their heads around ever since Trump’s shocking upset in 2016.

Transformation does not happen from periodically joining in with the mindless masses on social media in the latest “cancel” campaign of someone else who dared to voice a remotely conservative opinion; transformation happens through grit, determination, and consistency, all of which are hallmarks of Trump’s campaign and utterly absent from Biden’s.

Transformation also happens gradually, something that the Democrats have failed to grasp as well. They managed to go from demanding for the police to be defunded to demanding that the Constitution be destroyed within just a few weeks.

In contrast, Trump cautioned that it will take time and effort for the full realization of these six promises.

“Good things take time, and this is a good thing for America,” he said. “I’ve been a part of roughly 15 executive orders. This is one of the most comprehensive and effective executive orders that I’ve seen. It’s going to get the mission done.” [Source: Daily Caller]

These six promises address the heart of the issues plaguing all Americans, and these six promises also underscore why Trump has growing support among the black community and minorities in general, despite the fake news media’s desperate efforts to portray President Trump as “racist.”

Last time anyone checked, it wasn’t Trump who said the black community had no diversity, chief of all diversity of thought. That would be the Democratic frontrunner who opposes Trump, otherwise known as Joe Biden.

Biden has yet to unveil many concrete promises himself, aside from vague agreement with whatever insanely “woke” policy is being floated next by the ultra-leftist squad that ironically seems to find itself drawn into repeated ethical inquiries. No wonder the squad wants to dismantle the entire system, as it would make the chronic misuse of their campaign funds just so much easier to achieve.

Then again, Biden has yet to even really say anything by himself, never mind actually construct a six-point plan in the way that Trump has done. Biden can’t even move past saying statements that would normally trigger snowflakes, yet the fake news media has predictably demonstrated radio silence about Biden’s latest, perhaps most outrageous, gaffe.

It will be quite fascinating to see Biden attempt to take on Trump in a debate, though it’s definitely one of those “believe it when you see it” events. While Biden’s wife insists he will be there, it seems that the fake news media and Democrats are desperate for him to avoid interaction with Trump.

In light of the six promises above, it’s not hard to see why.

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