Golf legend Tiger Woods showed up to the first day of the PGA Championship wearing an American flag face mask.

The PGA Championship’s official Twitter account tweeted a video of Woods arriving at the championship on Thursday.

The face mask is sold by SA Fishing, according to The mask seems to resemble the mask basketball star James Harden wore when arriving to the NBA bubble. The only apparent difference is the skull seen on Harden’s mask and a blue line in the American flag pattern.

Brand manager for SA Fishing Clarke Bowman said he was surprised to see Woods wearing the face mask.

“We’ve seen our products worn by some football players and basketball players before, but this is definitely the biggest ‘celebrity’ we’ve ever had,” Bowman told “It definitely was a ‘holy cow’ moment. Of, ‘Oh my God, Tiger Woods is wearing our face shield!’”

I can’t imagine being a smaller brand and having someone like Woods wear your product. Today has to be a huge day for SA Fishing. Bowman confirmed to the outlet that the brand doesn’t have any kind of ad deal with Woods.

Author: Lauryn Overhultz

Source: Daily Caller: Tiger Woods Shows Up At PGA Championship Wearing American Flag Face Mask

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