The co-owner of a trucking company defended the decision to not send drivers into cities that are moving to defund police departments, citing safety as a top concern.

“Our first priority is to support our drivers and their safety when they’re on the road,” JKC Trucking co-owner Mike Kucharski said on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, adding that “everybody wants to steal” the cargo his drivers transport.

“Defunding the police is not the solution. We all have to work together with critical thinking and find a solution. The problem, you know, during this time of crisis, the government has been behind the steering wheel. It’s time for small businesses to take back the steering wheel — take back the steering wheel — and make the right decisions, to sit down with the politicians. I welcome the politicians to sit down with us so we can educate them on what is best for the economy and small businesses. Last time I checked, small businesses were the backbone of America,” he added in a message to fellow drivers.

JKC issued a press release in July titled “Trucking Exec Warns Cities Defunding Police … ‘You’re Going To Run Out Of Food,” which outlines Kucharski’s decision to prioritize drivers’ safety over making deliveries.

“No load or cargo is worth my driver’s life or safety,” he said, according to the press release. “JKC supports our drivers and police is the critical part of protecting our drivers on the road.”

In June, trucking news outlet CDLife conducted a poll based on 1,283 responses from truck drivers if they would have issues delivering to a city that made cuts to police departments.

A total of 79% say they would refuse loads to cities with disbanded or defunded police departments, according to the poll.

Kucharski added during his Fox News appearance that he’s also worried about insurance coverage if drivers do go into cities without a police presence.

“Another issue that I am seeing in the future is that I have cargo insurance, liability insurance, physical damage insurance, and I am very curious how when I renew my contracts at the end of the year if there is going to be language — if I am going to even have coverage going into these places,” Kucharski said.

“Right now, I have coverage going all over domestically. It’s going to be something like you have to get special coverage for Canada or Mexico, or you might have to buy special riders for this on top of everything,” he added.

Author: Emma Colton

Source: Washington Examiner: Trucking company co-owner on why he won’t send drivers to cities pushing to defund police departments

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