Well, that escalated quickly. With Google has been under the microscope under the past several days, you would think that tech companies might show a little more restraint at this exact moment in time. At minimum, you’d expect the tech companies to at least pretend to not have any bias for at least 48 hours.

Apparently a few hours is a lifetime from a juvenile tech CEO’s perspective, because Twitter has not only declined to hide its bias, at least temporarily, it’s steamed ahead in diversifying its censorship victims.

While the likes of Alex Jones and other well-known conservative commentators have long since been banished from the Twitter platform, presumably under the guise of promoting hate speech, the platform has not stopped with censoring the speech of “far right” commentators. Instead, its widened the net on all its targets, who appear to be growing by the day.

In a stunning move, even for social media, Twitter has blocked an entire university from its platform: Prager University, also known affectionately as Prager U.

Censoring an individual is bad enough, particularly when the censorship is blatantly biased, but it takes an entirely new level of gumption to ban an entire university from the Twitter platform.

As seen in the image below, Prager U prides itself on providing bite-sized, yet informative, lessons to Americans. In an age of astronomically expensive universities with even more astronomically “out there” political beliefs, Prager U offers a refreshing return to the classic fundamentals of knowledge, rather than the latest leftist outrage of the minute. Note that Prager U also places a strong emphasis on thinking, with its emphasis on “big ideas” and “a world of new perspectives.”

Clearly, “big ideas” and “a world of new perspectives” are enough to have Prager U placed on the “watch list” of any big tech company, along with vested leftist interests, although social media platforms have not yet openly stated their desire to curb freedom of thought, and subsequently freedom of speech,

And what exactly did Prager U do to “justify” its sudden expulsion from Twitter? Well, according to Twitter, Prager U was guilty of spreading “misinformation” about COVID-19, as seen in the rather grim announcement below.

Apparently, medical doctors, or the individuals who have been directly treating coronavirus patients, are now a source of “misinformation” on an illness. Oh, and apparently insight from these medical doctors, according to the newly formed Twitter “policy,” could also “post a risk to people’s health.” So now medical doctors pose a risk to people’s health? How in the world should coronavirus patients be treated if medical doctors are apparently full of misinformation and pose risks to people’s health?

Oh, apparently these medical doctors offered opinions that ran contrary to “authoritative sources of global and local public health information.” Ah, that makes it clearer. Would one of these “authoritative sources” happen to be the WHO, which has now openly admitted to not verifying any of China’s preliminary information? The same WHO that said that coronavirus can’t be transferred from one person to another?

The Wall Street Journal openly called out the WHO, noting that the organization is guilty of “bowing” to Beijing and harming the world’s response to the coronavirus.

Yet the leftists in the American government insist that an “authoritative source” from some bureaucrat’s office is to be trusted more than a doctor working on the front lines.

What in the world has the United States come to?

Prager U merely reposted a video from America’s Frontline Doctors, who gathered in front of the White House and spoke about their perception of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given that these individuals are actually working the front lines, unlike name-calling Nancy Pelosi and her hateful colleagues, one would think that they’d be afforded more consideration than ultra-leftist politicians and their unhinged followers.

However, these doctors also did not tow the official line, and they committed the worst sin of all in today’s censorship-crazed times: They challenged the official, undisputed narrative being spun by the media. Amazingly, this narrative cannot be disputed despite the fact that coronavirus is a “very new” illness. If it is “very new,” then shouldn’t more open discussion be encouraged?

Clearly, the phrase “one would think” is sadly not applicable to the tumultuous times of 2020, where the Democrats’ desperation over the election is reaching a crescendo pitch. Heck, they’re so sloppy now that their primary challenge to President Trump, Joe Biden, was recently photographed exposing his personal, handwritten notes regarding Kamala Harris as a potential VP pick. Smooth move, Dems.

One can only hope that this insanity may end, or at least taper off, after November 2020, though it is understandable if one strongly suspects that the Democrats have yet another trick (or dozen) up their sleeves once Trump secures a second term.

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