Dr. Robert Redfield, CDC Director, told the hosts of GMA this morning that he would “absolutely” send his grandkids back to school this fall, ABC reports.

On GMA this morning, Redfield was asked about whether schools should open in the fall. Robert said that he thinks “it’s really important to get our schools open.” He says that “opening schools” isn’t the economy vs public health, but rather “it’s public health versus public health.”

Dr. Redfield explained that having schools closed has increased public health consequences for K-12 students. He wanted to make sure that school districts know how important it is to work with the CDC to get their classrooms open safely.

We have the White House, the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and hundreds of pediatricians screaming at us from their platforms that schools need to open in the fall. What else is it going to take?

Liberals say they will only follow science, but all of these scientists and medical professionals are telling us that kids will die as a result of school closures yet they still want them shut. Coronavirus brings a lot of “what ifs” when it comes to kids and that makes parents nervous, but this isn’t a “what if” or a “might happen.”

If schools stay closed in the fall, kids will die from abuse, neglect, and child trafficking. Teachers make up one of the largest numbers of reporters of child abuse. We have to be the voice for these kids. We cannot let them become a statistic so that the people who hate America can watch her burn.

I’ll say it again: Your child is safe to go to school, mask or no mask. More kids will die from not being physically in school than will ever die from coronavirus. Abuse, whether it is physical or sexual, kills kids.

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Author: Marmee Rooke

Source: Chicks On Right: Bombshell: CDC Director Stuns Everyone, Says He Would ‘Absolutely’ Send His Grandkids Back To School

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