As most Americans are wearyingly aware of, the fake news media absolutely refuses to find anything even remotely redeemable in something President Trump has done. “Journalists” are also equally addicted to inventing anything remotely negative about President Trump, obviously with no evidence, but evidence is a dirty word to radical leftists who veritably foam at the mouth whenever Trump’s name is spoken.

Needless to say, the fake news media has been especially relentless in its attack on President Trump when it came to his recommendation for hydroxychloroquine, despite Trump actually basing his suggestion on evidence. Citing little else aside from, “Trump has no background in science! He shouldn’t be making these recommendations!”, the fake news media has gleefully latched on to virtually any story that shows a “failure” with hydroxychloroquine administration.

Of course, Obama didn’t have a background of any kind in healthcare either, yet he received a complete pass for totally upending the healthcare system. It’s safe to say that the ACA impacted a few more Americans than Trump’s recommendation for hydroxychloroquine, but logic is not the left’s friend.

Too bad for the fake news media that yet another inconvenient truth has emerged, perhaps the greatest “micro-aggression” (or probably pure aggression to willfully blind). Prominent Yale professor, Dr. Harvey Risch, an epidemiological scholar.

Directly highlighting the total idiocy of the rabid left, who insisted upon making hydroxychloroquine political, Dr. Risch calmly details the that hydroxychloroquine, when used properly, is actually an excellent potential treatment for mitigating the worst effects of coronavirus.

“Risch lamented that a ‘propaganda war’ is being waged against the use of the drug for political purposes, not based on ‘medical facts.’

Risch said that most in the mainstream are not allowing people to speak about the evidence on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine. Risch also said discussions about the drug became ‘political’ as opposed to ‘medical.’

‘All the evidence is actually good for it when it is used in outpatient uses. Nevertheless, the only people who actually say that are a whole pile of doctors who are on the front lines treating those patients across the country and they are the ones who are at risk being forced not to do it,’ Risch said, arguing that the mainstream media is not covering the benefits of hydroxychloroquine.” [Source: Fox News]

Not only does Dr. Risch’s commentary vindicate President Trump, but it also vindicates families who have suffered from despicable exploitation by the fake news media immediately after losing a family member to coronavirus.

The fake news media exhibited especially disgusting behavior in this regard by exploiting the deaths of individual Americans who passed away from coronavirus despite having taken hydroxychloroquine. It seems that if the individual who passed away was a supporter of President Trump, then it’s perfectly fine to hurt a grieving family even more by taunting the deceased as an idiot who followed Trump’s suggestions, which strongly implies the deceased deserved what they got.

First it was the elderly couple who passed away after purportedly taking hydroxychloroquine, and more recently it was the fake news media gloating over a teenager who had passed away. “Journalists” were quick to point out that the teenager had attended an event at a church and was treated with hydroxychloroquine by her parents before finally receiving care in the hospital.

Tragically, this young woman already had several underlying health conditions that are more likely to have made her succumb to the virus than hydroxychloroquine, but that didn’t stop the media from launching a rather vicious commentary on the teenager’s activities in the days before she passed away.

The fake news just might have less mercy than mobsters with a semblance of a conscience, or those who ascribe to “old school” theories of not harming innocents. And unlike mobsters, the fake news media has the legal power to infiltrate every TV, computer, and mobile device in the United States.

It is really difficult to conceive of even the fake news stooping that low, but this is also the same fake news that goaded regular Americans into tormenting innocent high schoolers (and then refusing to issue an apology, at least for a while, to the Covington teenagers who were rightfully vindicated by the facts). Oh, and the same fake news media that is actively trying to destroy Tucker Carlson, and their current attempt to scramble and cover their tracks convinces exactly no one who chooses to think, rather than scream, shout, and through tantrums complete with arson and looting.

Perhaps it is time for the left to begin fact-checking themselves, as it is so rare to hear them detail fact-checking of their own comments. Oh wait, the fake news media gets a pass on fact-checking. Like the fact they are not above using intimidation and terror to shut up people speaking the truth.

On the plus side, the more radical the fake news becomes, the larger the silent majority grows, especially given that Fox News had higher viewership than CNN and MSNBC combined during the July 4 holiday. Last year, President Trump also broke records during his “Salute to America” speech, showing that the silent majority is not only alive and well, but alive and growing.

Never has it been more important to have beloved President Trump at the helm, and two more terms has never sounded sweeter.

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