The fake news media has loved to show images of the St. Louis couple without context. The fictional news networks have repeatedly published images of a Caucasian couple brandishing guns while deliberately leaving out the inconvenient fact that guns were drawn only after their lives and household were threatened.

As illustrated in the above image, the couple was harassed by dozens upon dozens of rioters who found it appropriate to break through a private residence and begin screaming obscenities at a couple they’d never even met before. This scene is looking a bit too similar to photos from South Africa’s poorly thought out reparations strategy, where an individual is actually punished for hard work and personal success.

Nevertheless, facts are more often than not inconvenient truths to the rabid, irrational entertainment channels masquerading as traditional news networks, especially if facts stand in the away of the clicks from their brainwashed supporters only interesting in reading about hate, especially hatred against “privilege,” as apparently anyone who bothers to work these days is “privileged.”

However, the pro-Trump governor of Missouri, Mike Parson, has little patience for antics from an ultra-leftist judge more concerned with boosting her “progressive” image than with the civil rights of the St. Louis couple, whose only crime was being born with the wrong skin tone and working hard enough throughout their lives to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Parson, like any sane American, is concerned with the facts, not the wishful fictions.

Recently, the Parson had already warned that Gardner was likely violating the St. Louis couple’s civil rights.

“A mob does not have the right to charge your property,” he said, “They had every right to protect themselves … We will not allow law-abiding citizens to be targeted for exercising their constitutional rights.” [Source: Fox News]

Our ever-loyal President Trump has explicitly defended the couple for merely exercising their right to self-defense. Trump also sagely pointed out that had the couple not taken action, they would have suffered at the hands of the rioters.

“They were going to be beat up badly if they were lucky, OK, if they were lucky … They were going to be beat up badly, and the house was going to be totally ransacked and probably burned down like they tried to burn down churches … these people were standing there, never used it, and they were legal, the weapons … And now I understand somebody local, they want to prosecute these people. It’s a disgrace.” [Source: Town Hall Media]

Of course, the absurdly leftist prosecutor, Kim Gardner, conveniently ignoring the “castle doctrine” in Missouri law that unequivocally supports self-defense, is basing her “case” on virtually nothing but fake news approval. Posturing, nothing but endless posturing, coupled with an excess of irrational noise, is likely one of the only activities that left excels at. In more ways than one, AOC is simple a microcosm of the party itself, conveniently revealing just how divisive the “progressive” movement really is.

Then again, “progressive” sounds better than authoritarian, although the restrictions on freedoms demanded by progressive hardly align with the real progressives of the Enlightenment period, the progressives who really did inspire the founding of the United States based upon the principles of freedom, civil rights, and equal opportunity access.

Seems these days that “progressives” are more motivated by equal opportunity handouts than equal opportunity access and unequal punishment opportunities. In the case of the St. Louis couple, clearly they are deserving of punishment not for having committed an actual crime, but for daring to exhibit “white privilege” through activities such as hard work and lawful behavior, or the antithesis of traits displayed by rabid leftists.

Given the above, like a typical leftist, Gardner unsurprisingly continues to rumble and make noise about possible prosecution of a St. Louis couple for daring to defend themselves against violent, arsonist anarchists. Apparently remaining peacefully in their own home, ironically exhibiting the type of behavior demanded by Democrats in response to the pandemic, is cause for dozens upon dozens of rioters to violently crash through the gate protecting their residence.

Or, as the perpetual epitome of fake news, The Washington Post, puts it: The “peaceful protestors” who violently invaded private property merely were taking a stand against white privilege and were met with violent resistance.

This is hardly the first time that The Washington Post has gone beyond being biased and just began to straight up lie, and the publication makes it clear that it has no issue smearing underaged teenagers for clicks. Even when the Covington High School students began to receive death threats and near-constant harassment as a result of a total lie perpetuated by a “trusted source,” the publication, along with other fictional media outlets, still refused to stand down.

It would be nice if a copy of the U.S. Constitution adorned the hallways of The Washington Post offices. However, given that American flags are apparently offensive enough to make California residents complain about their presence on Laguna Beach police cars even before the police defunding “movement” began, it’s safe to say that the U.S. Constitution would inspire an all-new level horror amongst modern-day “progressives,” given that it stands for everything they despise.

Fortunately, neither Trump nor Parson are not goaded by ratings the same way that the fake news is; they are motivated by doing what’s right. As both President Trump and his wise supporters are well aware, ratings are more appropriate metrics for utterly vapid reality shows, and currently the fake news media seems even more dramatic than a Keeping up with the Kardashians episode; the only difference is the fake news is even more scripted than most reality shows are.

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