California has long been a borderline communist state notoriously (and deliberately) checked out from reality, which means its latest attack on law enforcement really should come as no surprise.

Palo Alto is filled with monopolistic tech companies that publicly proclaim their commitment to democracy and social responsibility while privately crushing any competition, along with conservative viewpoints. Hollyweird has given high school dropouts a global platform through the smoke and mirrors of a “celebrity” existence, despite most “stars” demonstrating few values worth celebrating.

Criticism of Trump’s handling of COVID-19 dominates local channels while rioters are allowed to roam free like roving bandits, many of whom decline to practice social distancing while also declining to refrain from extreme violence. Police are ordered to stand down and watch rioters literally burn cities to the ground.

In the meantime, church gatherings have been banned as high risk events, but the governor’s personal winery remains open for business.

And, of course, California has provided American citizens with the ongoing, delightful presence of Nancy Pelosi, along with her ilk, who is the utter embodiment of a champagne socialist who lives the same lifestyle as the Russian tsars who she is so convinced that Trump “collaborated” with in order to “steal” the 2016 election.
Given all of the above, it should really come as no surprise that one of the most ultra-liberal cities of an already zealously Marxist state has now banned the police from performing a significant percentage of their duties, but in a way, it still does.

Defunding the police is one (already terrible) thing, disempowering the police is an entirely new level of insanity, even for an already insane state.

Yes, during a time when murder rates have skyrocketed, COVID-19 rates have soared, and lockdown after endless lockdown manages to enrage even the more liberal residents, the ever logical City of Berkeley has decided that it’s a good time to prevent the police from doing their jobs.

And this prevention doesn’t just extend to “standing down” during riots, it now extends to traffic stops, one of the most common activities engaged in by police during their daily duties. Instead of armed police pulling over likely armed criminals, the liberal logic of Berkeley has dictated that “unarmed” civilians should be pulling over potential criminals.

“For far too long, public safety has been equated with more police,” said Mayor Jesse Arreguin, who proposed the idea.

“What we did approve last night were landmark public safety reforms,” he added, “to begin a yearlong process to reimagine public safety and to look at shifting responsibilities out of our police department to non-sworn positions.” [Source: Washington Examiner]

Judging from the photograph below, it seems that rioters on California college campuses are incapable of refraining from violence when faced with the terrifying realization that free speech is still a right. One can only imagine what they might do with “non-sworn” officers.

The same rioters also banned the police tasked with protecting students from leftist violence from using the bathroom, which rightfully drew officers’ ire.

“How can we foster a sense of community policing when the campus community, that we work hard to protect, has such disdain for us as fellow human beings that would deny us such a basic human function?” [Source: Fox News]

The full complaint, which has not exactly been advertised by the fake news, can be read here.

One can only imagine just how violent a hardened criminal will respond towards an “unarmed” citizen, particularly in light of the Californian college students’ response to “community policing” above. This new “law” really is just an official means of legalizing violence.

At this point, why even bother having traffic stops at all? May as well ban those too, all in the name of “progress.” Progress for literally no one but criminals, that is.

Some hope does remain, as evidenced by Elon Musk’s rather public battle with the State of California earlier this year, as he wisely perceived the state’s business restrictions as absurd, as well as a potential attempt at a blatant state grab of private enterprise. The business restrictions were all the more ridiculous considering that businesses were faced with immense pressure while opening, from mask mandates and other restrictive measures, whereas rioters have been free to literally play with fire.

However, the newest mandate from Berkeley is particularly disturbing, as it has a potential to launch a nationwide domino effect, just as Asheville’s reparations announcement has done.

With any hope, much of this lunacy can be restrained in November.

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