Adam Schiff truly is the personification of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). He and Pelosi had zero issue disrupting the holidays for Americans over a completely bogus impeachment process, and Schiff apparently still can’t get over the fact that his seditious attempt to unseat President Trump ended in spectacular failure.

Now, Schiff is claiming that the failure to impeach President Trump is what has caused over 130,000 Americans to die. Yes, that is correct. In an interview from Sunday, Schiff reveals where his real thoughts lie: Not with Americans that are suffering, but with how his impeachment sham failed to gain any serious traction in removing President Trump from office.

And the Democrats like to say that President Trump is a baby.

Critics of our great President like to claim he’s a baby for being unable to accept criticism, when the reality is that President Trump takes a vocal stand against deliberately disseminated misinformation, as any President concerned for the people over individual power should.

In that regard, Schiff is an even larger infant by those “standards,” given that he’s apparently unable to accept the will of the American people, despite serving in a highly public role that supposedly represents the American people. Then again, Democrats tend to excel at the pot calling the kettle black. Schiff resoundingly takes the prize in that regard, particularly when looking at the inflammatory commentary itself in an interview with ABC News.

“It’s an impeachable offense if you abuse the pardon power to protect yourself from criminal liability. Again, George, if the Republicans won’t say a word, of course, they’re not going to vote to impeach and convict. We already presented a case with overwhelming evidence, and they refused to convict then.

And during that impeachment …if they left him in office that the damage he could do between now and election day could be severe. Here we are now 130,000 Americans dead, We no idea just how bad the damage would be. But nonetheless we knew the damage would be grave” [Source: Breitbart]

So, according to the great wisdom of Schiff, a failure to impeach Trump directly caused the deaths of 130,000 Americans. Got it. Thanks for that clarification, Schiff.

In this regard, it is clear that Schiff, rather than Trump, is the one truly incapable of handling real failure.

Furthermore, given that the coronavirus was already circulating throughout the planet during the time of the Democrats’ almost hilariously bad attempt at impeachment, Schiff’s claim has zero credence. His credence is even more limited considering who the truly patriotic politicians were during the very initial stages of the coronavirus’s pervasion of the planet, and none of them were Democrats.

As noted by Politico, Republican Arkansas Tom Cotton became anxious over coronavirus over Martin Luther King Weekend, which was also just hours before the start of President Trump’s impeachment trial. In addition, on January 24, Republican Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander organized a briefing for informing the legislative branch over the threat posed by the virus, particularly since an infected man from Wuhan had already touched down in Seattle, which would soon become an epicenter for the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, this briefing was “sparsely attended,” and the reason for this sparse attendance highlights who is really responsible for the slow response to the virus.

“The initial thought from the Dems, I think, is that we were trying to distract from impeachment,” a GOP Senate aide said. A White House official recalled feeling surprised at the “incredibly” poor attendance, noting that it came “even though the amount of concern expressed then was rather intense.” [Source: Politico]

In other words, a fake impeachment was more important than a real virus to the Democrats, which makes Schiff’s claim all the more extraordinary now.
It’s a little difficult to unite when an entire political party is engaged in an open witch hunt of a rightfully elected President. It’s nearly impossible to unite until Democrats and their low-information voters grow up and learn to accept the outcome. Needless to say, it’s pure fantasy to imagine that the Democrats will ever set aside their furious teeth-gnashing response to everything Trump says and does.

Sadly, had the Democrats not been so irrational and bloodthirsty in the first place throughout the entire impeachment process, and a little more focused on the very real threat from China instead of the invented threats from one of the most patriotic Presidents this nation has ever seen, then perhaps the outcome truly would have been different.

Perhaps a more unified response to the pandemic would have been possible, and perhaps it is Schiff, not Trump, who bears part of the responsibility for 130,000 deaths.

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