In May, justice finally prevailed for President Trump when Michael Flynn, his former security advisor, was acquitted. However, Trump had to endure years and years of baseless media persecution before the acquittal, which ironically resulted from Obama’s incompressible interference and corruption.

At last, the case is closed. Or is it?

Judge Emmett Sullivan just can’t seem to accept the verdict, and he really can’t seem to accept the concept of following orders. He’s already defied the Department of Justice, and now he’s launched his rebellious sights on the Court. While the U.S. Court of Appeals has instructed Sullivan to dismiss the case against Flynn, Sullivan has taken matters into his own hands.

In a stunning revelation, Sullivan has issued a petition for “rehearing en banc,” or that the entire U.S. Court of Appeals rehears the case against Flynn. Sullivan essentially argues that the Court was wrong and Flynn must be retried for a crime he’s already been acquitted of within the first few lines of his “argument.”

“[The ruling] in fact marks a dramatic break from precedent that threatens the orderly administration of justice …

The panel’s decision threatens to turn ordinary judicial process upside down … The case satisfies the requirements of rule 35, and en banc review should be granted” [Source: Sribd]

The only entity that turned the “ordinary judicial process upside down” was the Obama administration and his lackeys, but fact-repellant Sullivan won’t let that stop him.

Of course, these would be the exact same people who constantly accuse Trump of corruption and interference with the judiciary process.

The Flynn Case represents yet another gross miscarriage of justice against our great President Trump. This case was based on utterly groundless, Obama- and FBI-engineered allegations from the start. However, that didn’t stop the fake news media from relentlessly attacking Trump and smearing his character, accusing him of behaviors committed by the Obama administration and Joe Biden.

The case finally reached its rightful climax when the truth was revealed: Flynn was set up by both Obama and the FBI. The Democrats accomplished nothing against Trump, instead, they revealed that they themselves are the truly corrupt, swamp dwelling creatures that Trump has repeatedly, and rightfully, called out.

In a compelling editorial on the Obama administration’s abysmal corruption, Peter Lucas draws a truthful, unflattering, parallel between the Democrats’ persecution of Trump and Stalin’s persecution of millions, noting that Stalin’s righthand man, Lavrentiy Beria, is famed for stating, “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime,” which meant innocence was completely irrelevant, and completely contrary to American values.

Lucas then revealed how the Obama administration has eagerly embraced the ideals of the evil empire, all in an effort to completely destroy Trump and promote his already oversized legacy.

That is not the case in the United States, the bastion of democracy where, charged with a crime, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Unless, of course, you are targeted for destruction the way the Obama administration targeted former U.S. Army Gen. Michael Flynn, the man who knew too much.

What happened was this: Obama pointed at the man and FBI Director James Comey, Obama’s Beria, delivered the crime [Source: The Boston Herald]

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