You’d think the violent, America-hating left might want to be a tad more discrete in its real objectives, but their hatred is so overwhelming that it defies containment of any kind. In the case of communist Seattle, the hatred of Trump, whites, and America in general has now reached official acceptance at the public, lawmaking level.

The City of Seattle, long known for its anarchy, communism, and massive homeless population, ironically engineered by “progressives” has no longer bothered to hide its utter hatred of whites, as evidenced in the most recent “training” session for new City employees.

One would think that such a training session would focus on the importance of all citizens within the city, regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic status. After all, if the government consists of public servants, or representatives of all the people, then the focus should be on how citizens can collectively benefit from citywide policy measures and improvements.

Nope, that would be far too logical for the rabid left. Instead, new City of Seattle employees were subjected to perhaps one of the most racist public indoctrinations in the past few weeks. Instead of learning about how to serve the City effectively, new

employees learned about how evil whites are, namely due to their “internalized racial superiority.”

Internalized Racial Superiority,” was defined by perfectionism, individualism, imposition, arrogance, paternalism, silence, intellectualization, control, violence, comfort, appropriation, cognitive dissonance, objectivity and “anti-blackness.”

Meanwhile, “Internalized Racial Inferiority” was defined by colorism, isolation, protectionism, addiction, self-doubt, self-hate, rage, shame, denial, assimilation, ethnocentrisms, distancing, exaggerated visibility, hopelessness, apathy, erasure, invisibility, “anti-blackness.” [Source: Fox News]

Hm. So, whites are automatically arrogant, violent, and cognitive dissonance? Way to achieve unity, Seattle. Do you have a vested interest in imminent Civil War?

Attendees at the training were also requested to forgo their “guaranteed physical safety” to be “an accomplice” for racial justice. Isn’t the term accomplice normally associated with crime? Oh, wait, crime is the career of choice for the America-hating, race-baiting rioters.

Interestingly, the City of Seattle didn’t seem to be so opposed to “whiteness” when Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos’s pet projects blew up into massive, multibillion dollar enterprises, which directly led to vastly escalated home prices and sudden homelessness for the very people that this hypocritical city claims it’s trying to protect.

Could it be that Bezos is an unrepentant hater of Trump, who has tried every means possible to destroy him, in a similar vein to Soros? This would also be the same Bezos that used every corrupt possibility to acquire massive insight into the American psyche through his fraudulent “H2” exercise, as well as the same Bezos that couldn’t land a Pentagon contract despite openly cheating. Predictably, snowflake Bezos sued when the contract went to Satya Nadella’s Microsoft instead.

Bezos is an especially compelling example of a progressive charlatan, given that the media routinely gives him a pass on his own blatantly prejudiced behavior. Where was all Seattle’s outrage when Bezos fired a black Amazon worker for daring to voice concerns about terrible work conditions? Furthermore, where was the media in giving this young man a voice? Shouldn’t this scenario be the most indicative of the very “whiteness” that Seattle has essentially criminalized?

The hypocrisy of a “progressive” like Bezos is all the more insane, considering his self-serving, highly publicized commentary on the BLM movement. Bezos informed a customer he was “happy” to see them leave, and his hypocrisy is especially acute when the customer demonstrated anger at Amazon’s open support of violent riots.

“This sort of hate shouldn’t be allowed to hide in the shadows,” Bezos wrote Sunday on Instagram with a screenshot of the email from someone named Dave. “It’s important to make it visible. This is just one example of the problem. And, Dave, you’re the kind of customer I’m happy to lose.” [Source: Fox News]

For someone so concerned about transparency, Bezos sure did launch an extraordinary effort to silence his own black employees, who he ironically works like slaves.
Apparently, black lives only matter if they march to the same racist, hateful drum that masquerades as progressivism. Perhaps Seattle should include this thought in its next training session.

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