Looks like both Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden ended up with their hands caught in the cookie jar, otherwise known as the Payment Protection Program (PPP). Recent disclosures from the Department of Treasury revealed that Pelosi’s husband and Biden have benefitted from the Trump-devised plan, to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars.

The problem? Pelosi and Biden have been highly vocal about the supposed evils of Trump’s PPP plan, despite the fact that his plan has been widely accepted as one that mitigated the worst effects of the shock induced by COVID-19. Apparently anything that helps hardworking American citizens is automatically terrible, yet apparently anything that financially benefits Pelosi and Biden is acceptable.

As some of the most virulently anti-Trump critics, Pelosi and Biden have repeatedly blasted Trump’s attempts to help hardworking Americans during an unprecedented pandemic.

Pelosi argued that Democrats have an “urgency to do something for our hospitals, our teachers and firefighters,” implying that Trump doesn’t care about any of the above [Source: ABC News]

When federal disclosures revealed Pelosi herself to be a beneficiary of the PPP plan, it was clear that her main sense of “urgency” was for herself. She has made little commentary regarding her corrupt involvement with the PPP, aside from arguing that neither she nor her husband did anything wrong.

“He’s an investor,” Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hammill told Fox News. “He wasn’t involved in the application for the loan nor was he aware of it.” [Source: Fox News]

Isn’t this the same Speaker of the House that claims Trump is always deflecting assigning blame to someone else?

As for Biden, he was perhaps caught in one of his largest gaffes to date. Before the federal disclosures were revealed, Biden made headlines around the world for his rather profane commentary on Trump’s plan to save the American economy, which Biden dismissed as a bailout to corporate America, not dissimilar to Obama’s bailout from over a decade ago.

Astonishingly, Biden even justified Obama’s identical action as justified, whereas Trump’s was not, because, well, it’s Trump, so that means it must automatically be “bad” to those afflicted with the unfortunate disease of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

“This is the second time we’ve bailed their asses out,” Biden railed against American businesses, which he also denounced as being “greedy as hell.” [Source: Business Insider]

Biden also attempted to justify both his and Obama’s similar actions in the aftermath of the 2008 Great Recession, namely by dragging Trump’s name through the mud and making completely groundless accusations, the classic Democrat way:

“I wanted to bring in the toughest son-of-a-bitch in the country — I really mean it, I’m not joking — because we wanted to make sure we did it by the numbers with genuine oversight,” Biden said. “Right now, there’s no oversight. [Trump] made it real clear he doesn’t have any damn interest in being checked. The last thing he wants is anyone watching that $500 billion going to corporate America, for God’s sake.” [Source: Politico]

Tim Murtaugh, a Trump campaign spokesperson, was bemused by Biden’s assessment, wryly noting the obvious flaws in Biden’s approach.

“Joe Biden helped preside over the worst economic recovery since World War II, so economic advice from him is not exactly a hot commodity,” Murtaugh said. [Source: Politico]

Biden’s economic advice is even less of a hot commodity when considering a law firm he founded received PPP money, while his compatriot Pelosi benefitted from her

husband’s indirect receipt of PPP funds. Now, who is it that was “greedy as hell” again, exactly? Ironically, Biden did claim that there was “no oversight” in Trump’s plan … which he, along with Pelosi, exploited in a way that only politicians can.

Even more hilariously, Biden also stated that he is “in constant conversation” with Pelosi about the coronavirus relief effort. Given that both have now been caught with their hands in the cookie jar of federal money (again), there was clearly more to this “constant conversation” than meets the eye. While both publicly raged against “greed,” they secretly assessed ways in which they themselves could benefit from the same greed they claim to hate.

Then again, what exactly could be expected from a Presidential candidate whose own son still maintains enormous financial ties to China, in spite of the nation’s unapologetic release of COVID-19 upon the world?

Yes, that is correct, in spite of all the furor over Trump’s efforts to save hardworking Americans’ life savings, Hunter Biden continues to cruise on easy street, thanks to an ongoing 10% stake in a Chinese firm, whose activities are nebulously defined at best.

The November 2020 election can’t come soon enough. Hardworking Americans can finally have a voice that the media fails to permit. The fake news can continue spinning itself into oblivion, while the real drivers of the economy, the “silent majority,” will make their voices ring loud and clear when casting their ballots.

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