‘…evidence of a needy phony and a gleeful mob uniting’

HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher gloated on his show Friday over David Koch’s death, saying he was “glad” the billionaire businessman had died.

“F**k him,” Maher said. “I’m glad he’s dead and I hope the end was painful.”

Although Maher was not the only liberal to rejoice over Koch’s death, his response was the most harsh; Maher essentially danced on Koch’s grave to the applause of his audience.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld had a powerful response for Maher, calling the vile jokes “evidence of a needy phony and a gleeful mob uniting.”

He added pointedly, “Koch was a generous libertarian, whose millions went to fight disease. he did more for the world in a day, than Maher will do in his lifetime.”

Author: Chris Enloe

Source: The Blaze: Greg Gutfeld destroys Bill Maher with powerful response for hoping David Koch’s death ‘was painful’

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