Adam never saw this “Queen” coming to throw him out!

We’ve talked about the sad state of the Democratic Party before. But boy, is it getting sadder!

Establishment Dems in Congress can’t work with Trump. In fact, reps like Adam Schiff squander their time in office seeking to impeach the president.

They had a chance to do amazing things for the country. They could have put aside their partisan bickering to fund the wall, fix health care, save working and middle-class jobs, and protect America.

Instead, Schiff and his cronies do nothing but harass the White House.

And like so many of his allies, Schiff is facing a primary challenge to his seat.

From Daily Caller:

Maebe A. Girl became the first drag queen elected to local government, winning a seat in Silver Lake Neighborhood Council earlier this year.

Now the drag queen is attempting to win a seat in the House of Representatives and become the first congressional trans person and first drag queen, according to Route Fifty. Girl will face Schiff in an open primary.

How much do you want to be that Girl unseats Schiff? It’s California, after all. And those left-wing hippies love a good character.

This isn’t the first time an impeachment-loving Democrat is facing a primary challenger from a radical Leftist.

Numerous other House Democrats are facing similar circumstances. They wasted time and money trying to impeach the president.

Americans are watching. These old, tired, outdated Democrats have lost the support of their own base.

New far-left candidates are grabbing the spotlight. These people—like AOC—have no business in government.

But because the establishment Democrats are making the Swamp worse, not better, they are getting beaten left and right.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this newcomer trounces Schiff. Not because Girl is better qualified or will be a good congressperson. But because Schiff has abandoned his supporters.

And then commonsense Republicans have a better chance of winning in many general elections!

That’s what happens when you spend all your time on an impeachment with no evidence.

What we really need a is good, strong conservative to beat both of these Democrats. Sadly, that might not happen.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Schiff Gets A Fiery 2020 Challenger – His ‘Impeachment’ Career Could Be Over Soon

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