We’ve seen the border crisis blow up in recent months. Democrats have deliberately made the problem worse by refusing to do anything to help. Our broken immigration system makes it impossible for our government to enforce our laws. But a new rule set by Trump will make sure illegal aliens are sent packing ASAP. Democrats are already raging.

Thanks to Democrats in Congress, people who enter this country illegally have almost as many—if not more—rights as Americans. Obama’s DACA policy as well as “catch-and-release” ensures that illegals can stick around as long as they want. The government can’t simply deport someone they caught living here against the law.

Sanctuary cities make the matter even worse. These liberal-controlled cities (and a few states) are so backwards, they put the well-being of dangerous criminal aliens ahead of American citizens. In a sanctuary city, if an American breaks the law they are sent to jail. They might even be handed over to the Feds. But if an illegal alien breaks the law, they protected from the federal government and released.

Over the last year, our Southern border has become chaos. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have bombarded our border, demanding asylum. Many refuse to wait, simply crossing over illegally. When they are caught, they are given a court date—and released!

This laughably pathetic system has to end. But Democrats in Congress will never fix it—they have been exploiting illegals for votes for too long.

So, Trump is about to cut them off at the knees with a new rule that will have illegals sent back home as soon as possible.

The Trump administration on Monday announced plans to extend the power immigration officers have to deport migrants before they appear at court, a move the White House said could mean less time for migrants in detention while cases wind their way through the legal system…

The announcement was the second major policy shift in eight days following an unprecedented surge of families from Central America’s Northern Triangle of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador…

The fast-track deportations can apply to anyone in the country illegally for less than two years.

Kevin McAleenan, the acting Homeland Security secretary, portrayed the nationwide extension of “expedited removal” authority as another Trump administration effort to address an “ongoing crisis on the southern border” by freeing up beds in detention facilities and reducing a backlog of more than 900,000 cases in immigration courts. [Source: Fox News]

Read that last line again. There are nearly 1 million cases of illegal immigrants in our courts. How long do you think it’s going to take to process all of them? Meanwhile, the aliens will never show up for their hearings and never get deported.

This was the left’s plan all along: create a system that rewards criminal aliens and makes it impossible for America to enforce its immigration laws.

It’s really simple: if you came here illegally, you should be sent back to your home country. Case closed. But Democrats have been betraying Americans by letting illegals stay. And anytime an American wants the system fixed, they are accused of being racist and anti-immigration. A pathetic scheme the Democrats cling to.

But Trump’s new rule will eliminate a court hearing for anyone that can’t prove they’ve been here for two years or more. Illegals trying to cross the border today will get set packing immediately. And illegal immigrants who are living in communities across America, who have no way of proving they’ve been here for long, will be deported as well.

Sounds like an extreme policy? Have you been reading anything I’ve written? Democrats have corrupted our system so that criminals are being rewarded. They don’t care how many Americans suffer from lost jobs and violence at the hands of aliens. And Democrats don’t care about legal immigrants who wait years to come here properly.

They only seem to care about illegals, whom they can manipulate, mistreat, and extort for votes.

Now, that’s really criminal.

Expect Democrats to try to block this rule, as they’ve tried to block every rule set by this administration. Democrats don’t believe in putting Americans first or helping improve our immigration system. They only want chaos, so their corrupt ways are never exposed.

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