I bet this man has been planning this all along.

President Trump is no joke when it comes to making deals and delivering on his promises. It doesn’t matter how it takes place, he gets the job done.

We saw how much crap he got from the Democrats in the House, MOSTLY Nasty Nancy Pelosi and Up-Chuck Schumer, yet he was still able to secure funding for the construction of the border wall.

He’s always said that Mexico is going to pay for the wall, and now they are. President Trump has decided to impose tariffs on Mexico until they do something about all the immigration from Mexico into the United States.

The 5 percent tariff on Mexican goods is set to take effect June 10 and steadily increase until it reaches 25 percent “unless and until Mexico substantially stops the illegal inflow of aliens coming through its territory,” according to a statement from the White House Thursday.

Existing tariffs in place against Mexico would increase revenues by $69 billion, or about 0.32 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), according to the right-leaning Tax Foundation. The 5 percent tariff would increase this figure to about 0.40 percent of GDP. Tax increases under then-President Bill Clinton in 1993 led to revenues of about 0.36 percent of GDP, according to the Tax Foundation, reported The Hill.

According to Breitbart,

President Donald Trump may have found a way to fulfill one of the more ambitious — and controversial — pledges from his 2016 campaign: making Mexico pay for the wall.

On Thursday, hours after Trump tweeted that the U.S. Border Patrol had apprehended a record number of illegal migrants, the president announced that he would impose a 5% tariff on all imports from Mexico, increasing over time, until the Mexican government stopped the migrant flow from Central America.

Technically, a tariff is a tax paid by Americans to the U.S. government. But there will be a cost to Mexican firms, to Mexican workers, and to the Mexican government. In that sense, Mexico will be “paying for the wall” — or, rather, paying a price for the absence of a wall. To stop, Mexico will have to spend money on immigration enforcement.

This is a brilliant tactic from the President and just further demonstrates that he has mastered the art of the deal.

Author: Freedom Headlines Staff

Source: Freedom Headlines: Did Trump Just Found A Way For Mexico To Pay For The Wall?

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