Clinton’s cat is out of the bag – and it’s bad.

Democrats have pulled out all the stops to protect Hillary Clinton. Even when she was under FBI investigation, they gave her a pass.

But just in time for the weekend, her “off-the-record” comments are falling out of the closet, and she can’t put them back in.

This new evidence could have pretty big consequences. Why? Because it looks like it contradicts her under-oath testimony. From Fox News:

A newly unearthed batch of heavily redacted, classified emails from Hillary Clinton’s personal email server revealed that the former secretary of state discussed establishing a “private, 100% off-the-record” back channel.

The massive 756-page dossier revealed that Clinton seemingly contradicted what she said under oath in 2015, saying she turned over all of her sensitive work-related emails.

Perjury, anyone?

When the FBI came sniffing around, we know she deleted over 30,000 emails. Yet she still claimed she turned over everything.

Now these documents come to light, showing she didn’t hand over everything.

Something smells fishy. Downright swampy.

We might not ever find out what she was really up to during her time in the State Department. The fact that she wanted to set up a secret back channel that was “off-the-record” raises many questions.

Everything that a top government official does must be above board. Especially in the United States, which is a free democracy.

Our officials are supposed to answer to the American people, right? The Freedom of Information Act grants us the power to read government documents.

Anything “off the record” suggests Hillary wanted to do things that were wrong, or worse. How would we know? If it was off the record…

And a real investigation finally needs to happen. But it will only happen if the American people demand.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriotjournal: Hillary Blindsided By “Off-The-Record” Evidence – It’s On The Record Now

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